Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 2/11/18

Vanderpump Rules

Stassi’s murder obsession is so wild.

Ariana and Stassi both love going overboard for their birthday. They are so similar it’s insane.

Tom Tom is happening!!

I’m all for therapy. Good for Ariana.

I love how supportive Sandoval is.

Wait, I take that back. He’s saying all the wrong things right now. I just feel really bad for Ariana. She has a point when she says people fake confidence to an extent.

Of course Sandoval has an emergency costume guy.

Ariana looks KILLER at her party. She’s a queen.

This is the most Stassi-esque party ever.

I kinda really don’t like that her and Ariana are having their parties on the same night. I wish everyone was able to make it to both parties.

Hahah yessss Ariana. So Cady Heron of you to break and share the crown.

I would definitely say that Ariana’s party looks way more fun than Stassi’s.

Stassi is seriously leaving right now?! Dramatic.

Proud of her friends for not chasing her.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Erika stayed at a hotel because of cramps? Hmm…

I don’t think the ladies are actually mad at Erika. I think Dorit is stirring the pot…

YAS CAMILLE. Calling Dorit a tattletale. Yes yes yes. And calling her out for saying things for attention? I love you, Camille.

This beach trip is a disaster.

Ugh poor Teddi. She is so genuine.

Why is everyone ignoring that Dorit is the issue??????? None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for Dorit opening her big mouth about absolute nonsense.

Erika is acting so cold for no reason.


I usually love what Kyle wears but this weird white shirt, weird hat, and dangling Chanel earrings are a little odd. It’s ironic that she is giving Teddi fashion advice while wearing the worst thing I’ve ever seen her wear.

Erika is right. LVP loves the attention and competitiveness between Kyle and Dorit.

I do not like that Dorit is calling Kyle outspoken about Erika leaving and is now blowing up her spot while she is not there.

Yes, Rinna, it’s weird that they think it’s weird!!

Dorit has word vomit right now. Like be quiet. She is digging her own grave.

Real Housewives of Orange County

Lydia, Peggy, and Meghan are all officially not coming back to the OC and I’m totally okay with it. I’ll miss Lydia but I’ll get over it. It’ll be interesting with just Tamra, Shannon, Kelly, Vicki, and new girls. Unless they bring back Heather! Or Gretchen… oh I hope not. Maybe Alexis… but I also hope not. I wonder if Tamra and Vicki are friends IRL right now.

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