Bach Chats 2/12/18

No rose ceremony this week? Holler.

Three one-on-ones? Ughhhhhh I wonder who they will be. I think Tia will definitely be one. And Becca.

It’s so quiet without Chelsea and Krystal and I love it.

Yay Becca got the first one-on-one!!

Holler I’m excited he’s gonna meet Becca’s fam.

I’m shocked Lauren got the second one-on-one. She legit has no personality and they had no connection last week on their last date.

Honestly, good for Jacqueline. I think it’s so brave and honest that she would admit that she isn’t confident enough in their relationship to bring him home. I think a lot of other girls feel this way but no one ever admits it. I feel for her.

Wait a minute… Lauren is saying that she has opened up with Arie more than any other guy ever?! What has she told him?? She barely talks. Is she for realll

I hope he doesn’t give her a rose.

I’m shocked Seinne is getting the last one-on-one! I thought Bekah or Tia would get it.

Omg poor Lauren. She finally opens up and this dude gets up and walks away.

Wow I am shocked he is giving her a rose.

I really like Seinne but just not for Arie. She just doesn’t feel like the right fit for him but would be a perfect fit for someone else.

Their date reminds me of my trip to Frascati, Italy.

Nooo, Seinne 😦 I’m sad. I feel bad for her but low key happy because she can do better than him.

I also kind of feel the same way about Tia. I think she can do better than Arie.

At this point, I want Becca to win but I think Lauren will.

Tia is so real and I love it. For her to say something to Arie about Bekah but then also tell Bekah that she said something is so admirable.

Tia has a point though. I don’t think Bekah is ready for marriage. I’m 23 and I’m definitely not ready for marriage.

Ah Kendall got a rose holy moley I’m shocked.


I feel like Bekah knew it was coming… well knew that it (aka the rose) wasn’t coming.

I’m pumped for hometowns.

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