Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 2/18/18

Vanderpump Rules

Jax is so dramatic!! You’re invited to someone else’s house and you’re going to demand a big bed? Dayum.

I’m confused when Scheana dated Rob before because I thought her and Shay were high school sweethearts.

Stassi opening with an apology? I love it.

Omg the four of them on bikes right now… GOALS. So badass.

Jax would have Barstool stuff all over his apartment. Poor Brittany.

Jax is so needy.

Ugh I wanna go to Big Bear.

Hahah Sandoval with a knife. That’s like an oxymoron.

I love how Brittany stays so neutral with both groups. She is literally cool with everyone. She’s just cool. I want to be her friend.

I also love a good handyman, Scheana… but chill.

Idk why Raquel is with James. Tbt though to when James and Kristen were together. LOL.

Scheana definitely needs to be more realistic when it comes to her relationships. I understand she is totally in love but take the blinders off. No relationship is perfect.

If I was Raquel, I would be super bothered by the way James is with Lala.

Jax is even wearing Barstool apparel. Maybe he’s a rep for them. I thought their audience was a little younger than Jax but he thinks he’s 22 so it’s all good.

I would totally get a tarot reading. I love that kind of stuff.

I cannot stand drunk James.

I also cannot stand when people tell me to shut up. I would be enraged just like Lala is.

JAMES STOP. She is trying to have a normal conversation with you and you are completely disregarding her feelings.

Confused why Jax is getting anxiety about James and Lala’s relationship?? Hmm interesting that he makes it about him when it’s not about him at all.

Wait, James just said he loves Lala? Wait WAIT WHAT IS HAPPENING. He’s in love with her!! But Logan is in love with him. But Lala loves her man. But Raquel loves James. What a wild love octagon.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Oh yeah they are in NYC! I hope my girl Bethenny makes an appearance.

Camille’s daugher’s name is Mason and I kinda love it. I’ve never thought of Mason for a girl.

I really love Dorit’s outfit and I wish I didn’t.

Come on, Dorit get to the point. Stop beating around the bush.

Dorit’s nails match LVP’s umbrella and LVP’s nails matches Dorit’s umbrella.

What the heck are you saying Dorit?

All that suspense and LVP didn’t even care.

I cannot wait to read Erika’s book.

I can always count on Kyle to tell the truth.

I’m still v mad at Dorit for telling everyone that Kyle was the only one talking about Erika staying at a hotel.

I wish Dorit wore something else to this magazine thing.

I love that Kyle is saying this to Erika right now about the beach house thing.

I’m proud of Kyle for bringing this up to Dorit but it definitely isn’t the right time.

They’re all wasting a night with drunk Rinna right now by fighting!

Dorit likes to call people out or stir the pot but when she is called out on her BS, she cannot handle it.

Yassss Erika. Help them do the right thing.

This is a shit show.

I totally understand why Kyle is upset about LVP wanting to go with Dorit at the end of the night. She feels like LVP never has her back and sometimes it does seem like that.

I’m #TeamTeddi. She is awesome.

LVP is bad at comforting.

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