Bach Chats 2/25/18 & 2/26/18

Women Tell All 2/25/18

It’s interesting that everyone is sticking up for Chelsea and not Marikh. I agree that Chelsea didn’t “glam shame” Marikh but Chelsea definitely should not have mentioned it to Arie.

Wait, Chelsea giving Marikh a mirror? Umm that was uncalled for a seemed super disingenuous.

It’s obvious that Bekah is very immature for a 22 year old.

BURN @ KRYSTAL!!! Heck yeah Bekah good for you for calling out Krystal.

I still can’t believe Arie wasted his first date with Krystal meeting his fam.

Ugh Caroline was def one of my favs all season and I love that she’s calling Krystal out right now.

So many commercials.

This whole bowling thing is WILD. Krystal just doesn’t know who she is and she is so selfish.

HAHAH Olivia I don’t remember you but I love that you just called Krystal out on her show voice vs her real voice.

Krystal sucks but she just handled all of the girls attacking her really well. And she gave an apology? Progress! It’s also really great that her family dynamic has improved.

Seinne is like Tia for me where I liked her too much to be with Arie.

Seinne is awesome I really reallly enjoy her. She was way too mature for Arie.

Yeah Bekah is young but someone has to be the youngest in the house.

Bekah is going to paradise!!!!

I’m sad that Tia is still so sad.

I really hope they announce that Tia is the next Bachelorette.

Crap, they didn’t.

Woah Caroline WHAT ARE YOU REFERRING TO when you say “I know what you did.”

Hmm, I know Caroline was really close with Becca so I’m super interested in finding out what she is talking about.

Of course you want to talk to Arie on the couch, Krystal.

HAHA yes Arie!! Your goodbye was appropriate.

Heck freakin yeah that you are calling her out on her BS. Thank you for saying that:

  • She was fake with you
  • You dragged your relationship on too long
  • You finally saw the real her looking back
  • She doesn’t make sense
  • This is the Bachelor so no crap he spent time with other girls

All of the above is true.

“Play that clip!” HAHAHAHA

Haha Krystal you asked to go on the couch. Thank you Arie for the honesty and for putting Krystal in her place.


Barfing as Arie says “dune buggy-ing is like a relationship.”

Why are they laughing I am uncomfortable

Kendall would say no to a proposal?!?! Girl that is the whole point of the show.

I feel like Lauren and Becca are gonna be bottom two.

Kendall if you’re not sure, tell him! Just because he feels like your best friend doesn’t mean he should be your husband.

I cannot imagine all the pressure on fantasy suite night. That is way too much for me.

Him and Kendall are actually kind of cute. Maybe because they’re both a little odd.

Lauren has no personality at all.

I would so much rather have been on Kendall’s date.

Arie talks so much and Lauren legit says nothing.

Wait so is Lauren backing out?

But her feelings are strong?

What are you saying?

You have trust issues and it is hard for you knowing he is dating other girls? So you are on The Bachelor why?

He LOVES her?!?!?!?

Lauren has great eyelashes.

Whoever writes all the date cards has the best handwriting.

They’re in love now they’re going to make love. Presh.

“I feel so much closer to you now.” BARF.

Omg they both said “I love you.”

Yeah there’s no way he picks Kendall over Lauren.

Becca always gets the best dates.

I think his dates with Lauren are a direct reflection of how their life would be together: boring.

I like him and Becca together but she’s like Seinne and Tia for me… too good for him.

I also think the thing Caroline was talking about at Women Tell All is about Becca.

He loves Becca too??!? Poor Kendall. It’s over for you girl.


Also their fantasy suite is so romantic and I’m jealous of the setting. Like they’re in the middle of the desert. How romantic omg.

Becca literally gets the best dates.

Now I’m kind of thinking he might pick Becca.

I just really don’t think he picks Kendall.

Who’s ex is this?!?! How tf did he get to Peru?

His slight accent makes me think it’s Lauren’s ex.

Jk it’s Becca.

He’s kinda hot.

He’s like really hot. Way hotter than Arie.

This guy has balls to come all the way to Peru to win Becca back.


Omg she’s crying…

“Well I’m not going to invite you in.” OUCH.

He’s so sexy.

Ugh I feel so bad for her.

He loves her.

Ahhh so awkward.

What a dick though for coming to try and ruin her moment and her relationship.

He’s pulling Kendall aside again?!?! Dooooooooood.

Uh oh. His body language is not good.

I knew it. The whole world knew it.

As weird as her taxidermy hobby is, I really really grew to like Kendall.

Aw I feel bad for her. I think it’s a blessing though that she didn’t make it to the “in love” phase.

I still think he picks Lauren but I won’t be surprised if he picks Becca.

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