Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 2/25/18

Quote of the Week:

“You need to go to handbags anonymous.” – Lisa Vanderpump

Vanderpump Rules

Wait is Jax seriously running?

I love LVP and Stassi’s relationship atm.

Wait what??? Jax are you dying?

Typical Jax not listening to anyone and then being dramatic.

Ariana needs to get over the Vegas thing(s).

Lala dgaf and I love it.

Okay yes we get it Scheana. Rob is cool.

I feel bad for Raquel! James and Lala are way too comfortable acting the way they do around Raquel.

So Tom is going to be gone on his birthday? Who cares. It’s just a day. You can celebrate whenever.

I love Tom Schwartz. He might be my favorite on the show. I also really love Brittany.

Good for Raquel. That takes balls to confront Lala. But she also told Lala it’s James’ fault which it is but maybe talk to your bf??

I love that LVP is doing Stassi’s podcast!

LVP and Ken were engaged after six weeks?!?! Holyyyyyyyyyy.

Shush Jax, you didn’t almost die.

So every time Scheana tells Rob she loves him he doesn’t respond??? She’s obsessed with him and he’s totally not obsessed with her.

Scheana and Kristen are friends?

Scheana gets so defensive holy moly.

Oh my… Scheana… stop… are you trying to convince Kristen that Rob loves you or are you trying to convince yourself?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

It’s great not hearing Dorit talk for such a long period of time!

Mason seriously looks beautiful.

Sometimes LVP’s compliments just don’t sound sincere at all!

I’m over this love triangle with Dorit, LVP, and Kyle. Kyle needs neither of them.

I don’t like that LVP and Dorit are talking about this without Kyle.

“Just because you both did it doesn’t make it any better.” – LVP YAAAAS

I didn’t know PK and LVP are old English friends.

Dorit saying they can’t let someone come between their friendship… wtf this is so high school. Everyone can be friends. End this stupid competition.

I love Kyle’s fake short hair and I hope she decides to chop it all off.

BETHENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I was hoping she would make an appearance!

Wtf why is LVP attacking Bethenny?!

HAHA Bethenny is me. I love her so much. Bringing up Dorit’s faccent (fake accent)…

Yes Rinna! You are right. Kyle needs to stop kissing LVP’s ass.

Dorit is saying that Kyle tried to drive a wedge between her and her good friend and that it’s a hard pill to swallow. Are you joking? You just did the same thing at Teddy’s beach house with Kyle and Erika. Your wedge was way bigger than whatever wedge you think Kyle was trying to put between you and LVP. You are a hypocrite and you are fake.

Paul!! I love Paul Nassif and I love that Kyle still goes to him even though him and Adrienne got divorced.

Teddi is a good mediator and a great friend.

I’m glad LVP is actually listening to Teddi.

HAHA Rinna nice thong.

This convo with LVP and Kyle is pissing me off. Why are we comparing friendships?

Omg LVP is apologizing?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? THE WORLD MUST BE ENDING.

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