Bach Chats 3/5/18 & 3/6/18


A three hour episode? How am I ever going to get through this? Chris Harrison saying Arie is about to be the most controversial bachelor ever? That’s how.

I still think Lauren has no personality…

No, Arie. You don’t have real conversations with Lauren!!

She’s crying! Omg that’s so sad. Good to know she has emotions though.

Maybe it’s her monotone voice that bothers me the most and makes it seem like she lacks a personality.

The chemistry between Arie and Becca is just so much stronger.

Becca has such a great personality so that makes me not want her to win because Arie is boring.

Interesting that Arie’s mom is bringing up Lauren to Becca……………..

Wtf his dad is bringing up Lauren to Becca too… And saying he would be happy with either one them being picked? Awk. Ward.

If my parents were like,”We love them both!” I’d be pissed…

Becca is a force! Lauren isn’t even a small gust of wind.

Yes Mom is #TeamBecca!

Idk how he could be so confident in his relationship with Lauren. She is so boring compared to Becca!

YES CAROLINE! I’ve been waiting for this… Jk of course nothing was revealed.

As boring as Lauren is, she definitely lights up when she sees Arie. So that counts for something.

Why does Arie only have this backpack around one shoulder. That is not comfortable. Whenever I see someone wearing their backpack like that, I can’t help but think of 22 Jump Street.

I wanna go to Machu Picchu!!

This date is doing nothing for me but it’s good that Arie feels like she is finally opening up. It’s about damn time. Nothing like waiting until the last date.

He’s definitely more confident in his feelings with Becca so idk why there’s even a comparison.

Very interesting that Becca thinks Lauren is Arie’s typical type. I agree that Becca will challenge him more.

I’d prefer a guy who challenges me over someone boring and predictable.

Becca is so much more thoughtful! I think I love Becca so much because she reminds me of myself just in the comments she makes and in her thoughtfulness.

I mean obviously Arie is super confused. I don’t understand it because Becca is such the obvious choice if he wants a fun, exciting life. But clearly he really sees something in Lauren. I’m totally still wanting Lauren to win just because Arie is boring and so is she so picking Becca would be a waste of time for Becca.

There’s still another hour and a half?! HOW.

I feel bad because he’s been convincing both girls that they’re the one…RUDE.

OMG LAUREN IS FIRST. That means he’s sending her packing…

She looks absolutely beautiful.

She totally knows it’s not her. This is sad. Oh no I feel so bad for her šŸ˜¦

She finally opens up and he shuts her down.

I feel so bad. She thinks he made a mistake. Maybe he did?

The llamas add a nice touch.


Yay!!!! As much as I wanted Lauren to win… Becca just looks so happy and that’s all that matters.

But there’s still an hour left soooooooooooooooo what’s gonna happen!!!

Oh no.

Why are you still thinking about freakin Lauren…

Omg did him and Becca break up?

I mean if he’s going to sleep thinking about Lauren and waking up thinking about Lauren…


Risking it all just for Lauren holy moly.

Poor Becca omg šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦ She has no idea she is about to get dumped.

How does he know Lauren will even take him back?

Ahh to have to have this conversation with all of the cameras would drive me crazy

She’s pissed. Omg I feel so bad. This is wild.

I mean I also feel bad for him because he can’t help how he is feeling and his honesty is commendable.

Ahh this is so awkward. I cannot believe this is happening.

Obviously she wants you to leave! You just broke her heart!

This is so sad. I feel so bad for her.

Wait, he’s coming back…

I don’t know why he went back. What else is there to say?

Alright I’m over this. Does Lauren take you back or no dude?

She said go. SO GO!

WAIT ANOTHER EPISODE?! Oh my godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd. I just sat through three hours and now I have to wait until tomorrow for any kind of explanation? Geeeeeeez.


Idk how he could have been so wrong in his decision.

Now you wanna marry Lauren?

Hopefully Becca is the next Bachelorette.

Ugh I feel so bad for her. But I knew they weren’t meant to be!!

I can’t believe Lauren just welcomed him in and greeted him with a hug!

Ew these two totally belong together.

She took him back with no hesitation…

I agree with Bekah. Arie is definitely a manipulator. He tells each person exactly what they want to hear.

It’s gross how he totally just disregarded Becca.

So if Arie already knew Lauren was going to take him back… that makes Arie a liar.

Omg all the girls want Lauren to get out of the relationship.

Aw Kendall is so sweet. I feel like she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

Becca was oblivious to everything. He must be such a good liar. So so so gross.

Ugh I don’t even want to see his face.

He was totally disrespectful to Becca.

They just weren’t meant to be. Everything happens for a reason.

He regrets proposing?!?! DUDE THEN YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE PROPOSED. You sent Bekah and Kendall home because you thought they wouldn’t be ready for a proposal yet you weren’t ready?! No one forced you to propose.

Ew he is so full of shit.

I’m not mad that he had a change of heart. I’m just mad he proposed and took Becca’s first proposal and ruined it for her. She will never get that first moment back.

Ew I’m vomming at the sight of them.

No ring on her hand…

They’re both sooooo booorrrrriiiinnnnngggggg.

I guess it’s cute that they’re both happy.

Like how does he feel proposing to two girls in one season??

I wish I could hear Bekah’s commentary.

Blah two boring people ending up together. I’m glad Lauren won in the end. Becca was too good for him.

YAYYYYYYYYYYY BECCA IS THE NEW BACHELORETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIFE IS GOOD. No one deserves it more than her.

It’s so cute having all the girls crying and cheering for her.

Ahh this first guy is so cute! His accent!! I mean he is talking a lot and this is live… but def cute.

Chase’s hair is a little odd… He’s cute though.

Guitar guy is precious!!! His song is so awesome. Haaaaay Ryan. I like you already.

Ehh not feeling Darrius.

THIS GUY BROUGHT A HORSE?!??!?! Yes Blake. Good job.

I’m so excited for Becca’s season! And I can’t wait to never hear anything about Arie and Lauren ever again.

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