Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 3/4/18

Vanderpump Rules

I love Lala but when she says “my man” I can’t help but roll my eyes.

Scheana is more in love… def. She is totally spooking Rob and I’d pump the brakes if I was her.

Inviting Jax to Vegas is a horrible idea.

Ugh Scheana you make everything about you.

I love that Lala wants Stassi’s help to plan her event!

Why is Lala crying over James!!

Are Katie and Ariana really friends? I don’t know anymore who is friends with who.

Haha thanks for reading my mind and giving me an immediate explanation, Ariana.

If Brittany is pregnant, I’ll be pissed.

Katie’s hair looks perfect.

When is Brittany gonna realize she is too good for Jax?



Proud of Tom and Tom for waking up on time! And they beat Ken and Lisa there!

HAHHA Schwartz brought Jello shots. Another reason he’s my fav.

Jax sucks but what a sick present for Sandoval. Who knew he could be so thoughtful.

It’s cool that Ariana’s brother is close with the group too. I didn’t know he was a photographer.

I agree that Lala’s bf should be at her big night. I get he’s busy but show some support.

Omg the guys are never going to make their 10am meeting.

They’re oversleeping! Nooooo. They had one job!

LVP’s vision for Tom Tom is amazing. Her style isn’t exactly my style but I think I’m gonna like Tom Tom’s design more than the designs at Pump and Sur.

Tom and Tom are looking like lost puppy dogs in this store.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I love Camille’s hair.

Camille and Rinna both look so hot!!

Ugh I dread Dorit’s screen time.

So while Dorit was in NYC, PK changed her entire swimwear line? That’s rude as hell…

And he hates the name?! What. The. Hell. He is so controlling! This is her project. Let her do what she wants.

I would love to be an assistant to a housewife. Like Kyle’s or Teddi’s or Melissa’s or Tamra’s or Bethenny’s. Ugh I’d love to work for Bethenny and Skinnygirl.

Dorit only cares about reparining her relationship with LVP? What about her relationship with Kyle?

The way Dorit pronounces “family” is proof that her accent is fake.

Camille is so precious.

Dorit is always over-dramatic.

I’m glad LVP is making it clear that Teddi is not involved in this situation at all.

Dorit is nuts. She looks so desperate.

LVP’s diamond is GINORMOUS.

Why is Dorit so obsessed with LVP? I love that LVP could care less.

Ahh idk if I could just lay there and sweat.

If I had an accountability coach, I’d want it to be Teddi! It’s having a coach and a really cool friend all in one.

Ew Kevin Lee. I’m still mad at him for what he said to Katie.

I love when LVP wears her hair up.

HAHAH Dorit is so mad that Teddi’s gift was so good.

LVP’s digs at Dorit are killing me and I don’t even think Dorit is noticing.

HAHA yes Camille! Great gift for Dorit but an even greater hidden message: STFU.

You can feel the jealousy steaming from Dorit… and the anger…

Dorit can’t handle it when it’s not all about her or when she’s the one being poked at instead of doing the poking.

Ahhh Dorit being dropped from the magazine shoot?! BURN.

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