Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 3/11/18

Vanderpump Rules

Brittany is crazy for not leaving Jax.

Ew Scheana stoppppppppppp. You are delusional.

Haha these dude rompers are awesome.

I never thought Jeremy was creepy! But he doesn’t get much screen time so idk.

Scheana your level of fake happiness is not something to strive for!

Billie is hot.

I think Jeremy is sweet.

$2,000 TIP?! IS THAT A JOKE?

LVP is the real MVP for showing Jeremy some appreciation.

This girls date is so random. These girls don’t even all like each other.

Stassi and Kristen need to own what they said.

Ew Scheana you are so dramatic.

Predatory???????????? That’s a low blow.

Why Brittany are you so good to someone who cheats on you? You are literally rewarding him for being an ass.

Okay so they’re owning their words now but couldn’t own them to Lala?

Stassi is allowed to feel the way she feels but she could have talked to Billie differently.

Jax is the oldest yet the most immature out of the group. Brittany get out while you can!

Airing out your dirty laundry?! If you didn’t cheat on her, there wouldn’t be dirty laundry! Of course she’s gonna tell her family.

Ew ew ew ew ew ew he’s the worst.

Adam is a cutie!

I love that Brittany is so neutral.

Ugh I feel so bad for Brittany… She knows in her head that she shouldn’t be with him.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Eileen!!! I don’t miss her on the daily but it’s cool to see her again and I love that they’re all still friends.

Ugh I love Mauricio.

Rinna and Dorit hanging out alone? No Rinna don’t fall in her trap. You don’t need her!

I knew Dorit couidn’t be trusted!! And Teddi just proved it.

Erika is so hot. Hottest housewife hands down.

I still can’t believe PK changed the name and that Dorit let him. Be your own person, Dorit.

“Beverly Beach” is so corny.

Erika is such a cute hostess.


Are you joking right now. Dorit explaining Beverly Beach in the same way PK did. She doesn’t have her own thoughts and it’s repulsive.

At least Dorit admits her need for attention from LVP.

Yay Kyle bought the new house!!

Are you kidding me? Dorit is so petty! The whole point of the car ride was to not tell the rest of the girls…

I just really respect Teddi and how she approaches things.

Teddi’s hands are clean!!

Thank you Rinna. Teddi is just trying to do the right thing and Dorit never knows what the right thing is soooooooo

Oooo Teddi you totally messed up by saying that to Erika. That’s rough.

I don’t blame Erika for clapping back either.

I do feel bad for Teddi though it seems like no one is on her side. I actually think Camille is. I like Camille.

Okay yay LVP is sticking up for Teddi.

I think Erika will eventually apologize.


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