Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 4/15/18

Quotes of the Week:

“When you start to say ‘yes,’ life starts to open.” – Erika

“I don’t regret it because that’s how we learn and grow.” – Lu Ann

Vanderpump Rules

Brittany is so sweet I cannot handle it. But she does enable him.

No Brittany, we do not see what you see in him at all. Like at all.

Katie has grown up a lot.

I love makeup-free Katie.

Ugh and then Brittany rewards Jax with coffee and advil. WhyyyYyYyYYYYYyyy.

I will really never understand why Brittany got back with Jax after he cheated on her.

Schwartz has sneakers on. So proud.

I wish Ariana did her cocktail book without Tom.

Omg I hope Ken and Lisa fire Jax.

I cannot believe Tom and Kristen ever dated!! It feels like a bad dream seeing flashback scenes.

I believe Kristen when she says that she didn’t hook up with James but she has to understand that her track record is just not good. I don’t blame Carter for questioning her.

Schwartz wearing shoes again!! Dad moves.

Jax is such a child. He throws tantrums in public, he drinks out of the milk carton, he constantly plays the victim. He sucks!

I think Brittany does know her worth and I really think that Jax is probably a little different off camera, but she seriously is way too good for him.

Ew bye Patrick. Stop telling her what is wrong with her. So rude.

Omg I’m tearing up listening to Katie and her strength. Schwartz is such a positive person and I love that Katie is getting back to that version of herself.

I’m still obsessed with Katie’s wedding dress.

Ewwwwwww wrong approach Jax.

Wait a second. Please don’t tell me he’s about to break up with Brittany.




This is a terrible situation but seriously I cannot get over how beautiful Brittany is.


Throw in the towel and be done please.

V grateful Scheana was not in this episode.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I’m sad it’s the finale.

I also cannot believe the panties were brought up last week.

I will never understand how Dorit’s hair looks different every single day. Is it short? Is it long? Does she have bangs? Extensions? Wigs?

Of course PK asked Dorit to give up her company just to have his children. And of course she would say yes.

I love that Teddi’s husband’s name is Edwin. Tedwin!

Aw yay Camille!!!!! One of my favs. I am so happy for her.

Again. The panties.

I wanna learn how to do my hair like Erika’s when she has it like crimped/curled/straight.

I don’t love any of these bathing suits.

The palm trees are tacky. The name is tacky.

I actually do really love all of the black and white suits.

To be a businesswoman is super admirable. I might not love her or her swimwear but she is one badass businesswoman to pull this off.

Idk why Dorit is so mad she was taken out of the magazine. She hated the pictures.

Ooooooo LVP lied!!!

Ahh omg they just cut her face out? Ouch.

That was a shady comment, Kyle. V unlike you.

Dorit has a very hard time admitting she’s wrong.

Now Kyle is too sensitive??? Holy moly Dorit.

Idk why Erika isn’t stepping up and standing up.

I understand why Kyle is upset.

Rinna’s interviews are full of so much clarity and I love it. Those lips speak the truth.

I have noticed that Erika doesn’t always wear her wedding ring which I think is strange. All of the other girls wear their rings.

Silence is just as loud and powerful as words.

Dorit you ruin lots of events. And you also brought it up to Kyle so you kind of asked for it.

I’m proud of Rinna for having a drama-free season. Her interviews have been the best. I wish I could make a compilation of every single one of her interviews this season.

Love love love Teddi and Kyle’s friendship.

HAHAH “Timely Spice.”

I miss Kyle’s old house. It was way cozier. But it is very father-of-the-bride-esque.

All of that from Kyle and Dorit says “cool.” STOPPPP.

That backyard are you kidding me.

It is so cool that all of these girls are supporting Kyle and her show.

Another badass woman in the group absolutely killin it in her career.

All of these women are such rockstars.

I cannot wait to read Erika’s book.

Real Housewives of New York City

I don’t think it is true that Carole always needs a bff.

I’m bouta be pissed if Carole and Bethenny are on rocky terms.

Ramona is so extra. I’m in disbelief that she takes the bus to the Hamptons.

Does Tinsley even have a job though? What do you do girl?

This guy helping Lu in this store is a HOTTIE.

Ramona omggggg you are so extra. They are art sellers not furniture movers!! So so so rude. She is so oblivious about the way she treats people.

Is Sonja’s dog supposed to be that color?

Omg she brought her dog without telling Lu??!?! rude!

Oh the fur color is fake.

Lu is always more relaxed when her hair is up. She just seems so much more chill when she isn’t trying too hard to dressed to the nines.

“Thx”? That’s not good.

This group is always late. A bunch of Dorits.

Sonja is not nice. Ever. At all.

Carole should have responded to Bethenny…

Wait she did answer…

I don’t like this tension!!

But yes Carole has a point. The girls should have been there to support her.

Hahaha Carole I’m with ya girl. I don’t lock anything either.

Ugh stop Sonja.

She is delusional.

She just doesn’t seem like she’s all there.

Holy Dorinda!

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