Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 4/22/18

Vanderpump Rules

Jax trying to put it all on Brittany by saying he will never be able to make her happy. She stayed by you. Maybe she should decide her happiness…

I love that LVP is so supportive of Lala!!

Are Jeremy and Billie dating?

I support Sandoval going over to see Jax. Yeah, Jax sucks and doesn’t deserve support but Sandoval is a good friend for still being supportive. That’s what friends are for.

Yes Brittany!! End it. Wtf date this Zack kid. He’s a cutie.

YAAAS she’s DMing boiiiizzz.

I think it is awesome that Tom and Ariana are house hunting. This house is super cute.

Stassi wtf is up with your ponytail.

Brittany should not feel embarrassed!!

What a freakin trooper she is.

Adding “Try Sur’s goat cheese balls” to my bucket list.

Agreed with Tom and Tom about having no sympathy or empathy if Jax and Brittany get back together (which they do).

I love that Stassi and Lala are working together.

Omg stop it is so presh that LVP is FaceTiming and supporting Lala. She is right… Lala’s boyfriend should be there.

The event looks so great!

Ugh Scheanaaaaaaaaaaaa. I didn’t miss you last week.

Brittany looks hot. You go girl. Think about yourself!

Ew Scheana do not compare yourself to Lala and please do not get back into the recording studio.

Is James lip syncing???

Lala killed it!!

Seriously Lala worked her ass off to get in with these girls and good for her for never giving up. Being the new girl is never easy but hey, just be undeniable everyday and slowly everyone will realize how cool you are.

Grateful Jax stayed home.

This moment between Lala and James right now is so amazing. I love how James treats Lala and I wish he would be like that with more people. Their friendship is something special.

Yessss it is time for Brittany to shine!! Glow girl, glow.

Idk how you’re confused, Jax. Were you confused when you cheated on Brittany? Were you confused when you lied to her over and over again?

I really dislike that I know that they got back together. I’m interested to see how that happened.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Love Kyle’s short hair.

Love Rinna’s curly hair.

It is weird that Erika’s family hasn’t read her book.

Erika is definitely colder this season.

I mean it is kind of understandable that Dorit didn’t name a swimsuit after Teddi considering Teddi is new.

Absolute B.S. that Dorit says Teddi is one person to her face and another person behind her back. That is absolutely so so so so false. Dorit is clueless. Teddi is one of the most down-to-earth housewives ever and is totally true to herself.

Teddi is so freakin cool.

Cold, Erika. So frosty…

I love this season’s Rinna.

This Kyle, Dorit, and LVP thing… I’m over it.

Kyle is too cool for both of them.

Teddi for the win!!

LVP loves having “power” over Kyle which pisses me off but can’t the two of them see that Dorit is the problem?

I can’t stand Dorit’s bobby pins.

Ew Dorit. Stop telling Kyle what you think is wrong with her.

Dorit!! You. Are. The. Problem.

I still cannot believe Dorit brought up Erika leaving Teddi’s beach house and lied about Kyle talking about it.

Erika is still not wearing her wedding ring. I find it so strange that she never wears it!!

I think Dorit is most upset because LVP and Kyle are the only two women who truly befriended her and now both friendships are being challenged so she is freaking out. She didn’t fight this hard or whatever the heck she is doing to save her acquaintances with Rinna and Erika. All Dorit keeps saying is “our friendship” “our friendship” “our friendship.” It’s like she is trying to convince herself that they are her friends.

Real Housewives of New York

Sonja is so insensitive.

This house is so freakin awesome. I’ll never be able to afford The Hamptons but I’d totally rent this house if I could.

Still not sure what exactly Ramona does for a living or how she came to be so wealthy.

I’ve never seen Ramona do anything herself ever.

Hahahahha a celebration party for Carole where Carole doesn’t know anyone. It’s like the title of a Friends’ episode: The One Where Ramona Throws Carole a Party Where Carole Doesn’t Know Anyone

Ew John grosses me out. Dorinda could do so much better.

Dennis seems cool.

These outfits are cray.

Ramona threw this party just for attention.

Ooof Dorinda is mouthy this season and it’s been like two episodes.

Omg Sonja that is so so so so rude to insinuate that Tinsley doesn’t pay for anything. Maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t. But that is no one’s business.

It seems like Sonja is only really friends with Lu at this point.

Sonja is so mean. She’s like secretively mean.

This is so awkward!

Aw no one is talking to Sonja. I kinda feel bad but like not at all.

Eh Sonja just needs to go away. Take a season off or something.

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