Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 5/13/18

Quote of the Week:

I think you have the power to do whatever you want with whatever you have. – Ariana, VPR

Vanderpump Rules

I’m not into Lala’s boyfriend but I’m definitely into the idea of him.

I cannot believe that Jax would dip into the Pump pond when he cheated. Like hello everyone is going to find out! If you were gonna cheat, cheat with a rando.

I think it’s great that Katie and Lala made up and I love that Katie admitted she was wrong.

Now that Scheana is barely friends with any of the girls, doesn’t she realize she is the problem? I used to really side with her when the girls bullied her but this season she is something else.

Schwartz definitely got off the hook way too easily. So easily that I even forgot this was a story line.

I feel like no one went to Stassi’s birthday party.

I love that the girls didn’t chase Stassi.

Scheana stopppppppppppppppppppppp talking. Plz.

Ugh older men. Yes Lala.

You need a head shot to be a server in LA? Dayum.

Once again, Andy saying exactly what I’m thinking! Twinz.

I think Ariana was correct in warning Billie about Stassi.

Jeremy definitely tried to hit on Stassi at Katie’s wedding. It’s on camera.

I don’t think Stassi was trying to hurt Billie’s feelings or ruin her mood before her date.

Idk how Brittany is okay with the reiki lady.

I wish Brittany’s mom was harder on Jax but it just shows where Brittany gets her qualities.

I think Lala is a little confused on what feminism is…

Poor Stassi is in between Lala and James.


Real Housewives of New York City

The devastation in Puerto Rico is unfathomable.

These people have lost everything.

What is up with Ramona’s hair?

Sonja looks hot in those jeans.

Am I the only person who thinks Lu can’t sing?

I don’t understand how America did not help Puerto Rico more. They are our neighbors.

Bethenny is such a badass.

I think Tinsley definitely owes Sonja a thank you despite everything.

Omg this dinner is giving me headache.

The Adam thing is a little weird. I think it definitely strained Carole and Bethenny’s friendship.

I think Sonja is the epitome of being stuck in your old ways and I think it’s awesome that she is finally ready to rent out her townhouse.


I think Carole has always had a voice she just chooses wisely when she wants to use it.

Typical Ramona stirring the pot and throwing “puppet” around.

This vodka fountain is awesome.

Tinsley is so extra.

A murder mystery dinner?! That is awesome!!!!

I love that Tinsleys let Sonja know of her appreciation.

OMG JULES! I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT HER. She was cool. Her husband was not.


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