Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 5/20/18

Vanderpump Rules

I think Stassi did a great job with Lala’s party.

I cannot stand how this reunion has been edited.

Omg this stupid pasta!

James is such an ass to Lala sometimes when she does nothing but stand up for him.

Idk how Raquel deals with James.

James really messed up his friendship with Lala.

Lala is right… James didn’t learn or grow from everything they did and the awful words they said.

Brittany is an angel on earth.

So glad Patrick is out the picture.

Scheana fastforwards through other people’s scenes………………… not at all surprising.

I cannot wait to meet Beau!

Lala is cool but her bottle habit is ODD.

It is not cool that Sandoval keeps poking at this whole James and Kristen hooking up thing.

I still cannot believe Brittany took Jax back. Still. In.Shock.

Wait, Jax is really fired from Sur?! Where the heck is he working?!

Jax and Brittany will never break up.

Hahah the pasta shots! All penne alla vodka should be served in a glass.

Real Housewives of New York

Sonja gave her dog away? Random. And her cat?! So odd.

Ramona’s hair looks super cute.

The disconnect between Bethenny and Carole is so real.

Bethenny’s driver Kevin seems like the man.

Dorinda’s Christmas decor is the definition of extra.

Hahahah Ramona is so clueless.

Tinsley and Sonja arrived together?! Making progress.

LOLing at Sonja taking pictures to prove she didn’t do the damage.

I love Dorinda’s outfit!!

Tinsley looks like she always looks. That outfit was def right in her closet.

Carole is killing it. She always goes 100% with her costumes.

Bethenny looks so good too!

I think everyone’s characters are so perfect for them.

Real subtle, Dorinda!

This is so awkward and I’m actually on Carole’s side right now. Bethenny is so defensive and being a little nasty.

So so so so awkward and uncomfortable and this is not a conversation they should be having in front of everyone.


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