Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 6/10/18

I didn’t watch the show when Jill was on it but this is still making me so sad. Bobby seemed so kind-hearted, loving, and the life of the party.

Omg Jill’s words to Bethenny right now are making me cry. This is so so sad. Completely full circle that Bobby’s death brought them back together.

Dale is literally the most Southern name ever for a woman.

Dale has a big mouth and laughing after messing up does not make it okay.

Wait, wtf why are they looking at dresses?!!? I feel like that is not good.

I mean I guess it’s kind of like buying a prom dress before being asked???

Why does she keep saying that the moment could happen soon?? Does Scott think that?!?!

Wait, why is she crying? They’re both crying!! What the heckkkkkkkkkk is going on. Dramatic!!!

I really love that Bethenny went to Jill’s house and brought Brynn. I love that they talked it out. I love when people mend things and receive closure. Everyone deserves closure.

I like that Sonja and Tinsley made up. Sonja is chiller this season.

“ConBody” I love it!!

And I love that they’re getting mugshots. Love it love it love it.

Bethenny’s body is incredible. So is Sonja’s.

Tinsley is a mugshot pro.

Hahaha Tinsley “do the LuAnn” HAHAHAH

I’m laughing so hard this is insane.

It’s important that LuAnn is honest with herself.

Her charges are insane.

Her face is glowing. She looks great!


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