Bach Chats 6/25/18

So I accidentally ruined this episode for myself because I checked out the cast for this summer’s Bachelor in Paradise and saw that Jordan, John, and David are in paradise which means they definitely went home last night. I’m cool with it though. I like David a lot and I hope he finds someone in paradise.

Colton with the one-on-one?! Interesting.

Jordan is a douche.

Oooo she’s kinda falling for Colty. I like him too.

Of course there is going to be a two-on-one with David and Jordan. Typical Villain vs. Villain’s #1 Critic.

*SIDE NOTE* I have been reading Bachelor Nation by Amy Kaufman and I have learned so much about ITMs and frankenbiting (which I have always noticed but never knew the term) and producer influence. So I know now even more that so many things are controlled and planned and manipulated. It is mind-blowing. Also: I’m actually listening to the book through Audible and it is my first audio book experience. TBD on how I feel about it. But I LOVE the book.

Omg Wayne has had so much work done. His eyes are so scary being pried open like that.

Didn’t Chris already write a song for Becca during their one-on-one? Or was that a poem?

Ahh David’s eye looks like LeBron’s during the NBA playoffs.

Blake’s smile gets me.

Oh he had to write lyrics. Is that not the same thing…

Wills’ outfit!!! I love it.

I would dislike this date very much. First of all, none of these people can sing. Second of all, I have never ever wanted to be serenaded.

I’m actually so uncomfortable watching this.

Wait, Chris did really well.

I really like Garrett.

And I really like Blake. He better get the rose.


Chris is being so dramatic about not getting alone time. Cry me a river dude.

Why is every villain-related two-on-one always in some remote location in the middle of a dessert or the mountains? Flashbacks to Chad vs. Alex on Jojo’s season during his two-on-one and Kenny vs. Lee on Rachel’s season…

Ughhh nothing bothers me more than someone spending their time talking about another contestant.

Jordan’s sob story doesn’t give him a reason to be a douche. We all have a sob story.

This fight is so childish I can’t deal.

Literally send them both home!

WHAT! YOU’RE GOING TO KEEP JORDAN? Ahhh she didn’t even say bye to David. I really liked him minus this drama with Jordan.

Ohhhhhhmyyyyyyyyyygoddddddddddddd this date is exhausting.

Ah she just interrupted their kiss awk.ward.



I want to know more about Leo.

Chris needs to go.

Of course she pulls Chris aside first.

Please leave. This is such a sign of his true colors.

And now he’s crying? Wth is happening.

Wills’ suit! Seriously not many guys could pull off his style but he kills it.

Holy crapppp Chris goodbye. You had your time. This isn’t fair to Wills. The tension is THICK.

He’s such a little diva. A disrespectful, bitter lil diiivvvaaaa.

He better not get a rose.

His apology is too little too late.

Rose ceremony reactions:

Garrett – YAYYYYY

Jason – ehhh could be worse

Wills – yay! He’s totally growing on me

Lincoln – not a fan

Leo – good!

Connor – I like him

I’m pissed. It’s between John and Chris and I already know John leaves. PISSED.

I’m excited to see John in paradise though. He reminds me of Wells. In a good way.

Ugh poor John 😦 The only one to be leave… so sad. He’s so nice! So genuine.

I hope Chris, Lincoln, and Jason go home next week and I hope we learn more about Leo.

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