Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 6/24/18

Real Housewives of New York

I really want to try yoga.

Ramona is an idiot for posting that picture.

Aw, it’s so nice that Bethenny is trying to help Lu by contacting her publicist.

Are Bethenny and Dorinda still upset about the nutcracker? Why is there even an issue? Be friends!

Tinsley and Carole are def bffs.

I like that Lu and Bethenny are bonding.


Wtf Bethenny why did you just run to the other side of the table? Not awkward at all.

I don’t feel like Bethenny is being very nice over this wedding dress thing. It feels mean and as if she is mocking her.

Dorinda needs to get over the Morgan thing.

Ahhh they’re yelling and creating such a huge scene. I’d be so embarrassed if my friends did that.

I’m glad Dorinda is apologizing.

Ew, Bethenny! What the heck. Mind ya business.

I don’t think Dorinda is trying to be condescending.

Lu’s necklace is the size of my head.

I like that Sonja has been more present. She’s so fun this season.

Ugh now Ramona is going to cry because she cannot handle being attacked.

This dinner is exhausting.

I always wonder if the show takes care of the bill when the housewives go to dinner/go on vacation.

Carole was very quiet during dinner.

Bethenny was something else.

I don’t think Ramona ever has ill intentions but her application is always awful.

Carole and Lu bonding right now is cute.

I love that Sonja stood up for herself at dinner.


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