Thoughts while visiting Jersey after being gone for so long…

It has been almost nine years since we moved from Jersey to Connecticut. I visited twice this summer and tried to be very aware of my thoughts on my home state…

Wow these roads are terrible. Where is all the tax money going?

Omg these accents are hilarious. I cannot believe I ever sounded like this.

I wish I still said wooder.

Everyone is so much friendlier down here.

*While strolling through the Deptford mall* There are so many hot guys here.

I love how I can get everywhere in ten minutes or less. I miss that.

Why are the rolls so good here and why is it so hard for Connecticut to make a decent hoagie?

Why doesn’t Connecticut have panzarottis?


All these houses are so close together.

So much Eagles stuff everywhere. I LOVE IT.

*Getting off the turnpike* Wow, that’s a lot of trash. 

I miss living within walking distance from places and from friends.

I hope I don’t run into anyone I know. There’s nothing worse than the ‘How has your life been for the last nine years?’ question.

It seems like everyone is just chilling.


Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford to live in Haddonfield.

I can’t believe our parents let us walk these streets alone when we were twelve.

There are so many delis around here.

Why are all the good playgrounds being renovated into lame playgrounds?

I miss living so close to the beach.

I could live on Manco and Manco for the rest of my life.

Why are soft pretzels so much better here?

I don’t miss this traffic at all.

Maybe I’ll move back.

I think I’d raise kids here.

Maybe I’ll move to Callie Court.


I feel like I missed out on a lot. If I never moved I would’ve wanted to rent a shore house for the summer with friends. I would’ve gone to the city all the time and learned absolutely everything about Philly. I could’ve actually gone to high school with my friends. I would’ve been a lot closer to my cousins. Etc.

Sometimes I feel like a complete stranger here. 

I wonder if I would get my accent back if I moved back.

It’s so crazy that you can see Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, and McDonald’s all at once yet all three are in different towns. 

Diners. Everywhere.

Everyone is so laid back.

I’m really proud to be from here.

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