Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 7/29/18

Real Housewives of New York

This week it was announced that Carole isn’t returning to the show. That kinda bums me out.

Dorinda needs to apologize. Wtf.

Is she already drunk?

Lu shouldn’t have started like that but seriously, go talk privately.

Omg now they’re all fighting?!

Dorinda doesn’t regret what she said?! What is happening…

I don’t think Carole and Bethenny will ever be friends again.

Now Dorinda is crying? What is wrong with her. She was just so set on not feeling badly.

*Side note: I just read in the media that Bethenny’s off and on boyfriend Dennis was found dead in his hotel room this morning. That is heartbreaking. She called him last episode to confide in him. I’m so sad for her.*

Awkward when Bethenny is talking about Carole and Carole is back at the table. So so awkward.

I’m obsessed with all of Sonja’s outfits this trip.

Okay okay they’re getting along on this boat. Finally.

This island is so cool.

Hahahah yes Lu. Scaring Ramona was genius.

Sonja loves being naked. She’s hot though.

Jump in Dorinda!

Finally some remorse from Dorinda.

Bethenny makes such unnecessary comments.

Ramona…shhhhhh. She never stops talking.

I’m so nervous about this boat ride.

Why are Sonja and Tinsley yelling? They need to trust the captain.

Omg Carole is puking.

They need life jackets.

Idk if it’d be safer for them to be inside the boat or outside. I’d assume inside?

Glad they all survived.

Wouldn’t it have been safer to stay at the island?

I cannot believe they all went out after the boat ride!

Real Housewives of Orange County

Vicki should not be picking Michael’s side! She should be picking Kelly’s side!

I love that Tamra and Vicki are joining Shannon south of the border.

Jolie knows what’s up.

Stroller Strides? So interesting. Such a good idea for moms.

Keller is a cool name.

HAHAH Shannon holding these shots right now with these hats. Amazing.

Hahahahahaahhahaahhahahahhaha they fell!!!!! They broke the shot glasses!!! I’m dying.

I would love to go to Mexico.

What happened to the short hair Tamra was rocking? I loved it short.

Omg Tamra flashing people!! This is definitely a group I’d want to party with. Just like when the NY girls are getting along – they’re so fun.

Ugh no no waterworks!

I love that Tamra loves Eddie so much.

Why the heck are they talking about Brooks!!

None of the them ate their tacos. How dare they waste perfectly good tacos.



I cannot stop laughing.

Wtf why is Vicki holding back because of Steve??

So proud of Shannon for stripping.

Wait did Tamra just break her foot?

Omg matching pajamas. Amazing.

Omg her foot. I can’t believe she went to the hospital alone.

15 drinks???? Holy. I’d never be able to hang.

I like when Shannon has her hair natural.

Hahah Tamra asleep at dinner.

After going to a tequila tasting a few weeks ago, I never want to drink tequila again.

I can’t imagine being cheating on. I feel so bad for Shannon. She should not feel humiliated.

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