Bach Chats 8/6/18

It’s been over a week since the episode aired so obviously I know who won but I still felt the need to share my opinions.

Ugh I’m pissed that it’s three hours long! Unnecessary.

It’s weird because I never imagined Blake winning. Ever. I didn’t picture it once.

Chris Harrison is the most dramatic person on this show.

I love that Garrett is on the verge of tears talking about Becca right now.

Wait now I feel bad because he’s crying for sad reasons.

I always said I wouldn’t be able to handle a man who cries but idk. I’d take any man at this point.

Wow Becca and her sister look nothing alike.

Aw now he’s crying over Becca. So cute. I love the honesty and the vulnerability.

Blake just said he’s excited like six times in 15 seconds.

He’s sweating. His shirt is sticking to him.

He’s way more nervous than Garrett was.

I don’t agree with her sister that Blake would be a better teammate.

I feel like Blake freaks out very easily. He’s totally an overthinker.

Seems like her fam is more #TeamBlake.

Omg thought I was an hour in but it’s only been 38 minutes. Are you jokingggggggggg

Jack and Rose vibes all the way on this boat right now.

Are Becca’s lashes fake or nahh?

I love Garrett’s smile.

That water is so clear.

I feel like she’s definitely more herself when she’s with G.

Both Garrett and Blake are 100000000% better than Arie. Ew Arie was awful. I wonder if Becca ever thinks “What the hell was I thinking?” ARIE ISN’T EVEN CUTE.

Why do these people never eat on dates????? I’d be starving.

Omg he’s so sappy it’s adorable.

K I’m gonna go clean and let this shit keep playing. My attention span is getting shorter and shorter by the day.

So I killed like 6 minutes.

I’m bored with Blake. Maybe because I already know he doesn’t win so I’m subconsciously not caring.

This shadow box is cool though. I wonder if he made it or producers prompted the idea.

Blake feels younger than Garrett. I can’t remember how old they are. Maybe it’s because Blake says “like” almost every other word.

There’s still over an hour and a half left. I cannot fast forward. How will I survive?

If my computer dies, there is not a chance that I’m going all the way upstairs to get it. This nonsense just isn’t worth it.

I’m hungry. Seriously craving lime Tostitos.

Ehh not loving that ring, G.

Ugh Chris Harrison get to the point. Blah blah blah.

Do you think they’ll ever have a gay person be the bachelor/bachelorette? That’d be super progressive.

He knows. Blake knows. Ugh this is so sad. I feel awful for him.

Flashback to Jojo saying bye to Robby. I cannot even believe Robby was a final contender.

Ahh he’s dripping sweat. Do they really have to do this in the middle of the ocean in the scorching heat?! Probs not.

I feel bad for Becca. Not loving her dress.

Wow, I’m cranky today. Maybe I’m hangry.

Ugh get to the proposal.

Blake is sweet.

But seriously can we please get to the proposal.

Also why isn’t Becca wearing her ring right now…

45 minutes left? I’m not going to make it.

Okay hey Garrett.

Do these guys write their own speeches? Probably?

Aw they’re so genuinely happy. It’s cute.

Still not digging the ring but I am so happy G won.

I think the last four bachelorettes are 4/4 for picking the guy who got their first impression rose? Cuteeeeeee.

They’re so dorky it’s cute.

Garrett > Arie

K that’s all I needed. Pumped to see who the next Bach will be!

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