Bach Chats 7/31/18

Men tell all!

Grocery Joe is so cute.

I forgot about Shady Jean Blanc.

Ew I forgot about Chris too. How dramatic.

I cannot believe Jordan is going to paradise. Not about it.

Ugh Connor is hot. His glasses are killing me.

Burn from Colton!!

Omg Jordan is the WORST.

Wills is so well-dressed.

Jordan is so worried about his “brand.”

David definitely poked at Jordan.

Ew Jordan stoppppppp.

He’s not even hot!

He’s whack.

I think he lives in a fantasy world. And it’ll be a miracle if he ever finds love. Maybe Krystal will be good for him.

Wtf he’s wearing the underwear? I’m not even surprised.

Joe!!! Such a cutie!!! Excited for him to be in paradise.

Omg he’s so funny and down to earth. He’s so awesome!!

Oooo he might not be single! 😉

I like Wills. He’s a good guy.

I still don’t know how I feel about Colton.

Aw it’s sad that he’s getting so emotional. I respect his honesty.

Jason’s smile is the best.

This must be so hard for him to watch back.

He’s crying 😦

He has the best attitude. He deserves love!

He’s so mature about the whole situation.

Aw Jason and Becca’s conversation. He is so great.I was mad when Becca walked away during the virgin conversation with Colton but hearing how she just wanted to gather her thoughts, I respect it. I didn’t think of it like that.

Rolling my eyes at Jean. The apology is nice though.

The perfume gift is awkward.

Joe has nice teeth.

It’s nice that Chris is apologizing. It’s cool that he’s owning his behavior.

Haha the choir!!!! Love it.

Is Chris going to paradise?

Omg I’m dying at these bloopers!!

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