Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 7/22/18

Real Housewives of NYC

Bethenny needs to stop pretending to be superwoman!

The sound keeps going in and out during this ep and it’s mildly annoying.

All of their beachy outfits are so cute. It’s nice to seem them in less fancy diamonds and more straw hats.

I relate to Carole in the sense that she feels better walking away from Bethenny’s breakdowns. I never know how to react when someone is completely losing it, especially when it’s pretty frequent.

Idk what the heck is going on with Bethenny! She is ruining the trip for everyone – she really should just go home.

She says she’s not welcome but she’s excluded herself.

Big drama of an exit? What about the drama of staying?

Idk why Carole is talking about Bethenny to everyone else. I know they already had a talk this season but clearly they need another one.

Sonja looks so freakin cute in her little pink outfit.

Wait Carole is smoking cigs now? And Dorinda?!

Carole just freakin ran the marathon and now she’s gonna pick up smoking? Interesting.

Yay let’s address the elephant.

If you don’t want people listening, don’t talk at the table.

Is Dorinda drunk? What the heck is she even talking about right now with Lu?



Wtf why is Dorinda doing this?!?! I’m so confused!

Omg Dorinda is being so so so so mean. I am so uncomfortable.

I feel like Carole wants to be calm and Bethenny is being hotheaded like usual.

I love how Sonja and Tinsley just kissed in the middle of all of this.

Dorinda most likely has a drinking problem.

Okay so Bethenny and Carole got nowhere.

Ugh I feel so bad for Lu.

Drunk Dorinda is cray cray.

Dorinda is in denial that she hurt Lu’s feelings.

Real Housewives of Orange County

I love Tamra’s shirt.

Vicki sending food is a very kind gesture.

David is sending Shannon and the girls on a trip? Dayum. It’s the least he can do for cheating.

Emily’s unconventional engagement is not very appealing to me.

Aw Emily’s sister was her surrogate? Twice? That is amazing.

I would love a man who can cook. Steve is totally a GILF.

Gina looks like someone I know and I can’t put my finger on it.

This workout looks insane but actually kinda fun.

An apartment during the week for Emily’s husband? Interesting.

Emily looks better at the gym than she does all dolled up in her interviews. Sometimes less is more!

I’m nervous for this Eddie/Vicki interaction.

Also why is she wearing a fur coat??

So many people don’t appreciate how hard it can be for someone to apologize and admit they’re wrong. I do. This is huge of Vicki and her strength alone to admit her fault is admirable.

HAHHA she wrote notes. Amazing. My kinda girl.

I’m glad Eddie forgives her. They’re on the right path.

Idk why Emily and Shane’s relationship doesn’t feel genuine. Maybe I just don’t know them yet.

Uh oh. Vicki hooked up Michael?

I don’t think Michael dating someone is Vicki’s fault but she absolutely shouldn’t have double dated with him? Wtf that’s no okay.

She should have told her she knew he was dating and that they’ve been on DOUBLE DATES.

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