Bach Chats 7/23/18

Down to the final threeeeee.

Still think Garrett is gonna win.

Chiang Mai romantic? I’m not convinced.

I wonder how Blake would look with a beard.

This date is kinda cool. Wouldn’t be my first pick but I always love how they always do the cultural things wherever they’re visiting.

They haven’t seen each other in two weeks? That’s a huge way to tell how strong your feelings are for someone.

They’re sweating.

I actually really like Blake.

Oooo fantasy suites.

Isn’t Becca the one whose crazy ex bf showed up last season? I wonder what happened to him.

I’m loving the constant barefoot vibe.

Omg is she about to send Jason home right in the middle of this date? Follow your gut, girl.

You can tell in her eyes while he’s talking to her that she doesn’t feel the same way.

Walking away isn’t helping. He knows it’s coming. He totally knows.

Aw I feel so bad for Jason 😦 I never thought he’d win but it doesn’t make it any easier hearing her break his heart. Come to paradise Jason!!!

Or will he be the next Bach?!

I feel bad for Becca. I’d never wanna be in her position.

Her and Garrett go on the best dates.

So awk that it’s a national holiday! But Garrett always seems to be in good spirits about everything and makes the most out of every situation.

Garrett said the L word! #TeamGarrett 100%.

And they are about to stay in a treehouse?! That’s so cool.

Jason is back?! Wtf plot twist.

Ugh please don’t cry.

Wait what did he give her? A photo album?

He’s going to make some woman very happy one day.

I respect that he came back to clear the air and say what he needed to say and got the closure he needed. A lot of people don’t get closure.

Omg wait this photo album is precious. He’s definitely a sensitive one. A rare one.

Wait why is there a rose ceremony?!

I love that she’s saving the L word for only one guy.

People say the order of roses doesn’t matter but I think it does. She thought to say Garrett’s name first. But also maybe it’s reverse psychology making Garrett think he was thought of first but really she thought of Blake first but didn’t want either of them to know that? Wow I just blew my own mind.

What an awkward toast.

Blake is struggling more with the idea of two guys than Garrett is.

Maldives?! Geeeeeez I’m tryna fake fall in love just for these free trips.

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