Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 7/15/18

I MET DORINDA (NYC) AND DANIELLE (NJ) ON FRIDAY AT THE CASINO. I was there for a tequila tasting with some friends and they were there and I had no clue they were gonna make an appearance but I was fangirling so hard. I got a pic with them.

Real Housewives of New York City

Aww Ramona fell down the stairs. Because she was texting. Amazing.

I would love to go to Columbia.

I love how this is Tinsley’s trip!

This room thing should be interesting… Tinsley was smart for planning this. The necklaces are so cute!

Omg poor Bethenny. Someone get her a doctor!

Carole definitely has her own style. I mean they all do but Carole’s is sometimes wayyy out there.

Tinsley looks beautiful and I love her hair down and not in tight curls.

Omg yes Lu!!!! She kinda looks like Sofia Vergara!!

Oh she was going for the Sofia look! Well she nailed it.

Hahah omg poor Ramona. The wheelchair is a little extra though. So Ramona.

Wait, Brian took Carole out?! What the heck.

I want to rip our Carole’s earring.

Is Brian about to be the new Tom?

Ew Bethenny why did you just ask that?

Omg Bethenny just called him Tom 2.0! Wow I’ve been reading their minds.

Okay now Bethenny is just being rude.

Carole hasn’t done anything.

Bethenny is miserable.

She doesn’t feel the good energy? She’s the one who doesn’t have the good energy!

Dorinda stirring the pot by telling Tinsley that Bethenny hates the house… typical.

I’m glad the pack stayed together and that the girls stayed out.

Omg why are they screaming across the table?

I don’t want to disregard how Bethenny is feeling but she is the one basically walking around with “Grumpy” on her forehead.

Aw I love that Bethenny is apologizing.

Scott seems like the best guy.

365 roses. I’m crying.

Ehh sometimes you’re a gossip, Dorinda.

I just want Bethenny and Carole to be good again.

Real Housewives of Orange County


I love Tamra and Eddie together.

I like that Vicki and Tamra are working on their friendship.

Eddie’s heart condition is v scary.

Vicki’s bf is chill af and exactly who she needs.

Tamra’s island/booth thing is awesome.

Shannon’s new house is cute!

I’m excited to see her move on from David.

I’m also excited to see Kelly move on from Michael!

Shannon and Vicki? Whaaaaaa?! I hope they can mend too. Vicki has a big heart and she made a couple little mistakes.

Is Shannon still wearing her wedding ring…

Ugh this surgery thing with Eddie is heartbreaking.

Jolie is more stylish than me.


Ooooo new housewife?!

I love new forgiving, peaceful Tamra.

I think I’ll like Emily.

Shannon is wearing her ring…

Now all of them have been divorced except Emily.

Ahh take the ring off Shannon.

Aw this is what friends are for!

Ouch that looked painful.

I think a ropes course is a great idea.

Shannon in her helmet! Sometimes she is so funny.

I love that all the girls are chilling.

HAHA Vicki falling!!

This course is probably so easy for Tamra.

Kelly is looking hotter than ever.

Omg this is a mess.

Stop crying Vicki.

Ugh I love how supportive they’re all being. I really love this group.

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