Bach Chats 7/16/18

Hometowns!!! My fav ep of the season.


Garrett is so cute I cannot handle it.

They’re really cute together. I would love a modern farmer boyfriend.

These staged family convos are the worst.

Becca is questioning whether or not Garrett has moved on from his ex… Girl have you moved on from Arie? It’s been like two seconds.

Ugh he’s so positive even after going through so much!!

Oh yeah, I forgot he was mini van guy!

“If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen.” THAT’S MY MOTTO TOO, G!

His family seems awesome.


I’ve been to Buffalo! Yummy wings.

Anchor Bar?! Ugh we didn’t go to that one because we were told it was overrated and that Duff’s was better.

Please cut your hair, Jason 😦 He’d be so much cuter with a buzz cut.

I never would have thought Jason would be final four. I would’ve switched him with Wills.

Hockey players are hot.

She has said since day one that he’s a good kisser.

Jason’s mom is beautiful.

Awk that she just said that she couldn’t read how Becca feels about Jason. She’s right. Mothers are always right.

He definitely needs to tell her how he’s feeling. Hasn’t he watched the show? The ones who wait too long to express their feelings never win.

Good boy.


Ooo are we going to meet Blake’s mom?!

Oh your mom worked at the high school… that makes sense.

It’s cute that he brought her to the school.

Omg a school shooting? Holy crap. That is insane. No wonder this building is so crucial to his life.

He’s a total cutie.

Idk who this singer is but that is so cool that Blake surprised Becca with a performance. I wonder if that’s all the doing of producers. Like why couldn’t she show up in Nevada or New York? Why Colorado? Why give Blake those brownie points?

He can dance dayummmm.

Also producers definitely contribute to the hometown meals. Every plate looks the same at every house.

That’s cool that Blake’s parents are chill enough to come together even though they’re divorced.

Blake has definitely been the most vulnerable.


Another Colorado boy? Cute.

He’s not the one.

I feel like he’s the least mature. Especially when it comes to relationship experience.

It’s so awesome that he is so passionate about helping others.

Omg this is so cute. My heart is melting.

Was Blake’s hometown not covered in snow? It’s sunny and they’re jacketless in Colton’s. How big is Colorado?

Oooh Colton’s dad is a cutie 😉

Sometimes I prefer the intimate family meetings like Jason’s compared to this giant one with Colton’s.

Every family has been drinking wine. No beer.

I totally agree with Colton’s dad. If Colton isn’t the one, tell him. Tell whichever guy who isn’t the one that he isn’t the one. This process is so painful for the final four guys. She’s gotta know who she’s leaning towards. And it’s not Colton.

I don’t think I like the name Colton.

I wonder what he’ll do if he makes it to the fantasy suite.


It bothers me that Bekah is here after that whole Twitter thing between Bekah and Raven and Tia I think?

Whenever I see Kendall, I just think “taxidermy.”

Caroline is one of my favs.

Tia…. what’s up with your facial expressions…

Oh no.

Ooooh nooo.

Oh no Tia. What the hell? Are you serious? This kid made it to hometowns and now you’re going to say this to Becca and ruin everything she feels for Colton.

Ugh Kendall is always so sweet. “She’s going with her heart.” Bless her soul for being so positive and reasonable.

I understand that Tia felt the need to say something but now? Really? Why not the first time you visited this season? Seeing him had to stir up more feelings than just hearing about him. And if you know how great of a guy he is, you should have known there was a good chance he’d make it this far.

Rose ceremony reactions:

I don’t remember if one or two will go home. Hopefully two. My prediction is that the final two are Blake and Garrett. Or MAYBE Garrett and Jason. Just maybe.

Ugh I think only one guy goes home.

Blake – not surprised at all! I’m about it

Jason – KINDA SHOCKED. Kinda like really shocked


Poor Colton 😦 Probably see ya in paradise with Tia the traitor. I swear if they end up together…



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