Headache solution: Putting my faith in the daith

I have been having headaches, well migraines, for almost a year now. Before then, I had never really suffered from headaches. But within the last year, especially the last few months, I have been getting them three to four times a week and they last at least two hours. Sometimes I will take some ibuprofen to make the pain subside but I know it’s not good to take every day and some days it doesn’t even work.

Lots of things trigger my headaches: loud music, loud talking, bright lights, flashing lights, blow drying my hair, sneezing too hard, dehydration, car headlights at night, staring at my computer, and so much more. My workplace doesn’t help. The music constantly blasting, bowling pins crashing, disco lights flashing, children screaming, constant phone ringing, and working at my computer don’t do anything but promote my headaches.

Not only have I tried over-the-counter pain relief, I have tried warm compresses, cold compresses, turning the brightness down on all of my screens, drinking more water, sitting in complete darkness, etc. I even went as far as going to the neurologist after some encouragement from my mom. The doctor is the one who told me they are migraines, not headaches. She suggested medication but told me I could try vitamins instead. Her suggestions included daily dosages of magnesium and riboflavin (vitamin B2). I’ve been taking these for over three weeks and haven’t seen any improvement, which is fine, because maybe it could take some time for the supplements to really get into my system.

However, my Aunt Martha suggested I get my daith pierced. She said that my Aunt Felicia got it when she was younger and it really helped with her headaches. Even her friend got it pierced and hasn’t had a headache in over three years. So today, I got my daith pierced. I went to Hartford County Tattoo because I have only heard really good things about them and it’s really close to my work. My experience was awesome and it didn’t really hurt that much. Obviously, I asked my piercer about the rumor of the daith being the cure-all for headaches. He said as much as he tells his clients that there is no scientific proof that it’s a cure, he always looks stupid when they come back and tell him that their headaches are gone. I asked, “So most of your clients have said it works?” He said, “90%.” THAT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME.

thumbnail (3)

So I guess we will see! I think I’ll hold off on my vitamins for a week or so to really see if there is a difference with this new piercing. All I can do now is put a little faith in my daith.


P.S. Look how good my skin looks!!!

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