Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 11/11/18

Real Housewives of Orange County

I really like Gina but I think it’s best if she keeps her mouth closed.

It’s sad that Gina is getting a divorce but maybe she’ll go back to her maiden name which is probably really Italian and way better than her married name.

Emily’s sister-in-law’s outfit is pretty revealing for being a Mormon.

It’s nice to see Kelly and Michael friendly and cordial.

Jolie’s performance was so cute!!!

I would definitely try cup reading.

I want my new room to look like Gina’s casita.

I mean Vicki does look better after her surgery. She’s has had so many surgeries since being on the show. Her evolution is wild.

I think it’s so badass that Emily is a lawyer.

It’s rude that Tamra didn’t let Gina know that she wasn’t going to dinner. So rude.

But Tamra did kill the old lady look.

Okay I believe that Tamra forgot but still rude.

Ah Shannon looks so different than she did in the flashbacks from three years ago.

ugh can we just squash this whole Shannon thing?

Next week is the finale?!?!?!?!?? What!!!! Nooooo.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Jackie seems cool so far.

Frank’s right – it’s inevitable that Margaret is screwed over by Danielle.

Oh Danielle shut up. It bothers you that Margaret is going to the hatchet throwing???? She’s the worst.

Why did she have to bring up Margaret cheating on her husband?


Doesn’t Margaret see that Danielle is a lunatic?

Aw I love that Dolores is making this hatchet-throwing symbolic.

Idk about Jennifer yet. Her top lip is very large.

Five kids all two years apart??? Damn.

Hellllll no could I deal with Jennifer’s husband. He’s pissed she didn’t ask permission to go away for a weekend? Wtf.

He hates changing his schedule last minute?? Your wife raises your five kids and cooks dinner for you every night.

Omg I think Teresa looks amazing. She has such discipline when it comes to her fitness.

I’ve noticed that Gabriella is never shown on the show.

I love Gia.

I do think Joe is making excuses. He can definitely make more time for his dad.

P.S. There’s a rumor that LVP is leaving RHOBH. Apparently she is feuding with all of the girls. I’m pumped for them to return in January.


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