The last ten movies I watched (pt. 2)

Title: An Unfinished Life (2005)

Format: Netflix

Personal rating: 7/10

Comments: I really appreciate J-Lo’s older films like Selena, Enough, Jersey Girl. Now I can add this to that list. She is really great and the story is heartwarming. I’ve never seen anything with the renown Robert Redford in it so it was nice to finally see him in action. His character complemented Morgan Freeman’s character. Their friendship is a great example of how opposites attract.

Title: The Kindergarten Teacher (2018)

Format: Netflix

Personal rating: 5/10

Comments: I usually find Maggie Gyllenhaal annoying. This movie is no different. It is weird. She is weird. The Netflix description is very deceiving – I think it could’ve gone in a different, better direction. I actually kind of liked it by the end. It’s really hard not to like the little boy. He’s awesome. I can’t tell if I didn’t like Maggie’s character because of the character or because of Maggie or because of both. Shailene Woolley would have been great for this role. I wish I liked Maggie half as much as I love her brother.

Title: Gotti (2018)

Format: Redbox

Personal rating: 7/10

Comments: I really wish I had researched about the Gotti family a little more before watching this. I know of the family because obvi I watched Mob Wives and because Victoria Gotti has appeared on RHONJ. The movie is super jumpy and completely not chronological. It is also narrated at times which is a pet peeve of mine.

Title: The Captive (2014)

Format: Netflix

Personal rating: 6/10

Comments: Eh. It is okay. I feel like it could’ve been so much better considering the cast (Ryan Reynolds, Mireille Enos, Rosario Dawson). It isn’t awful and the story is interesting but I felt like there were several holes in the story that made me ask “How did they figure that out?” Most likely will never watch again.

Title: Our Souls at Night (2017)

Format: Netflix

Personal rating: 7/10

Comments: Can we just talk about how amazing Jane Fonda looks for being 80?! One word: Goals! Even Robert Redford! He’s 82 and looks great. It is so cute. It is so relatable for people of all ages. It is realistic. It is honest. It is heartwarming. It is simply feel-good.

Title: Shutter Island (2010)

Format: Hulu

Personal rating: 7/10

Comments: I’M SO CONFUSED. So is he Teddy or is he Andrew? I feel like it isn’t clear. I’m also just not that smart. Maybe I need to watch it again. Either way, Leo is great. As is my boy Mark Ruffalo.

Title: Halloween (1978)

Format: TV recording

Personal rating: 6/10

Comments: If it was 1978 and I was watching it for the first time, I would probably rate it higher. I would assume after this movie there was a shortage of babysitters. First of all, the fashion is awesome. Second of all, why were teenagers babysitting on Halloween? Why weren’t those kids trick-or-treating with their parents? Did I miss something? Anywho, love seeing my girl Kyle Richards from RHOBC as a child actor. And Jamie Lee Curtis is fabulous, as always. It isn’t horrible but it isn’t the scariest thing I’ve ever seen! Definitely well made for the time. I also really wanted to watch it before seeing this year’s adaptation.

Title: The Hate U Give (2018)

Format: In theaters

Personal rating: 8/10

Comments: I went to see this by myself and btw, I highly recommend going to the movies alone. Not only did I enjoy being alone, I also really enjoyed the movie! I read the book over the summer for Bad Bitch Book Club and absolutely loved it, so I’ve been eagerly waiting to see the movie. Although the movie strays from the book, it is just as powerful. I cried. Several times. I think the casting was phenomenal and the young woman who plays Starr is incredible. As much as I wish the movie followed the book a little more closely, I’m not mad about the plot of the movie and I’m definitely not mad at the ending. The ending is so strong and so full circle when it comes to Khalil’s explanation of ‘thug life’ to Starr. I kinda wish the book had the same ending!

Title: The Sixth Sense (1999)

Format: Netflix

Personal rating: 7/10

Comments: Now I understand why it’s such a classic! Haley Joel Osment is so insanely talented in this. I loved it, obviously. I wasn’t even expecting the plot twist! I actually think it’s the only thing I’ve ever seen Bruce Willis in. It’s great. And I love that it’s set in Philly.

Title: Traffic (2000)

Format: TV recording

Personal rating: 7/10

Comments: What a cast! Michael Douglas, Benicio Del Toro, Dennis Quaid, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Topher Grace, Salma Hayek, Erika Christensen, and even Viola Davis. I’ve never seen anything with Benicio Del Toro in it so it was cool to see what all his hype is about. I really like how depending on the scene and setting, the color tones of the picture are different. Erika Christensen is unbelievable! I’ve only seen her in Parenthood so it was cool to see her so young and so talented. The movie is cool. I didn’t love it but I’d watch it again and I always appreciate good film-making and this is a good film.


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