The last ten movies I watched (pt. 6)

Title: Falling Inn Love (2019)

Format: Netflix

Rating: 7/10

Comments: Super cute! Pretty cheesy but I enjoyed all of the characters. It has a Hart of Dixie vibe and I could see it as a TV show. I’d love to see a sequel. The setting is fun and different and it was nice to see Christina Milian.

Title: The Strangers (2008)

Format: On demand

Rating: 7/10

Comments: Sooooo creepy. Holy crap. Not really scary but absolutely creepy. It’s crazy because the location of the house does not seem that creepy. It doesn’t seem too isolated from the rest of the world. I think that makes it even creepier. The only thing that really bothered me is the lack of motive. We don’t really know why the strangers decide to attack the house.

Title: It (2017)

Format: Rented On Demand

Rating: 6/10

Comments: The acting is really good. The concept is good – obviously Stephen King is a genius. I think I would’ve enjoyed the book more. The clown is creepy AF. I think it’s just a little too unreal for me. I did jump a few times but by the end I was like “okay this is kinda silly.” But I’ll definitely watch It 2.

Title: Kidnap (2017)

Format: TV

Rating: 8/10

Comments: Soooooo good. Wow. So so so good. I thought it’d be cheesy. It isn’t. AT ALL. Halle Berry is a bad ass. It’s so suspenseful. I felt myself cringing more than I would at a horror movie. Wow. HIGHLY recommend.

Title: Joker (2019)

Format: In theaters

Rating: 9/10

Comments: Holy crap. I’m not at all a superhero movie person but Heath Ledger made me fall in love with the joker all those years ago. Joaquin’s performance is EXCEPTIONAL. He’s soooo insanely talented. Wow. His performance cannot be compared to that of Heath’s. Although they are on the same level, they are on completely different scales. They’re both incredible in their own way. Joker is a must see. Even if you don’t appreciate superhero, well in this case supervillian, movies, you’ll appreciate Joaquin’s unmatched acting.

Title: The Invitation (2015)

Format: Netflix

Rating: 5/10

Comments: Despite all of the great reviews, it’s AWFUL. Boring and uneventful with terrible acting. I barely watched because there was nothing to watch. Yeah the ending is cool and all but no.

Title: Hush (2016)

Format: Netflix

Rating: 7/10

Comments: I really enjoyed it! The plot reminds me of a really good thriller novel: suspenseful, terrifying, and a little unpredictable. The main character is deaf which makes the situation that much more terrifying.

Title: Fright Night (2011)

Format: On demand

Rating: 6/10

Comments: Decently made movie? Sure. For me? Not. At. All. Super corny. Super dumb. Acting isn’t bad. Will never watch again.

Title: The Open House (2019)

Format: Netflix

Rating: 2/10

Comments: Terrible. Awful. Terribly awful. Awfully terrible. There is no plot. There is no point. There is no story. There’s barely any dialogue. Awful. Do. Not. Watch.

Title: The Upside (2017)

Format: Redbox

Rating: 7/10

Comment: I didn’t know how hilarious Kevin Hart is; I’ve never really watched anything with him in it. The movie is equally heartbreaking, moving, hilarious, and relatable. I’ve said this before – I love a good unconventional friendship. Absolutely crazy that it’s based off of a true story. As sad as the situation is, it’s definitely a feel good movie.

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