The last 10 movies I watched (pt. 9)

Not that anyone cares, but I changed my rating system from out of 10 to out of five. I just feel like it makes more sense.

Title: The Nice Guys (2016)

Format: Free On Demand

Rating: 3.5/5

Comments: It’s actually super funny. Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are a great combination. Gosling is the comedian of the movie which was unexpected and not typically a role he plays. It’s interesting and fun. Mike laughed way more and way harder than I did. The dynamic between Gosling’s character and his daughter is awesome. It’s very unconventional but the daughter is way more mature than a typical 13-year-old. The movie is set in the 70s. Definitely a WILD time to be alive. The ending is super unnecessary and basically the definition of “extra.” It is way more over the top and cheesy than the rest of the movie so I was a little disappointed by that.

Title: Dangerous Lies (2020)

Format: Netflix

Rating: 2.5/5

Comments: Pretty cheesy. However, I really enjoy Camila Mendes and I’d love to see her in more films. It was nice to see Jamie Chung make an appearance. I feel like the concept is good but the plot could have been so much better. I was disappointed with the pre-ending but the ending was kind of satisfying. Ehhh your typical Netflix original. Reminded me of Secret Obsession – very cheesy but still enjoyable. Basically a Lifetime movie.

Title: Ben is Back (2018)

Format: Hulu

Rating: 3.5/5

Comments: Holy heartbreaking. Fortunately, I have no connection to drug abuse on a personal level but this seems like a super-accurate portrayal. The story shows the realities of life with an addiction and how it affects everyone around the addict. Julia Roberts is amazing as always. It’s dramatic (in a good way), intense (in a subtle way), and raw.

Title: Just Mercy (2019)

Format: Redbox

Rating: 4.2/5

Comments: I am speechless. I am still drying the tears from my face. It’s incredible. Easily one of the best movies I have ever seen. “Shit if it got me to cry twice… I don’t just cry to cry. I haven’t cried since Saving Private Ryan.” – Mike. I finally got to see my boyfriend cry. It was impossible not to hold back the tears. Michael B. Jordan’s performance is captivating (Mike’s adjective of choice). “He stepped up to the plate and knocked that m*****f***** out.” – Mike. HE IS SO GOOD. As is Jamie Foxx. I don’t think this movie got the credit it deserves. Amazing movie.

Title: Fatal Attraction (1987)

Format: TV recording

Rating: 3.5/5

Comments: I’m pretty sure this is the first thing I’ve seen Glenn Close in but damn she is creepy! She fits the role perfectly. It’s one of those roles you can’t unsee her as. Kinda like Christian Slater in Heathers; he’s such a freakin weirdo in that that you can barely see him as any other character. It’s not the best movie I’ve ever seen and it’s pretty predictable but I still enjoyed it. You can pretty much guess the plot by the title.

Title: Pain & Gain (2013)

Format: DVD

Rating: 2/5

Comments: Um it’s absolutely awful. First of all, I cannot stand The Rock. I thought my love for Marky Mark would cancel out my dislike for The Rock but nope. Rebel Wilson is the best part of the whole movie. It’s corny. It’s totally crazy that it’s based on a real story but I don’t think they had to make it so… cheesy. The upbeat music and dramatic angles do not match the seriousness of the crimes. But maybe that was the point? To show how absolutely absurd and comical their lives were? I don’t know. But I do know I will never watch again.

Title: Get Out (2017)

Format: TV recording

Rating: 4/5

Comments: Wow. I know I’m absolutely late to the party. But wow. It’s crazy how relevant it is right now on June 15th, 2020. It is layered yet funny. It is thought-provoking and revealing. Peele is a genius. I don’t know if he meant for it to be a horror film. But it isn’t. But it is. It’s incredible. When I watched Us, I felt the same way.

Title: Athlete A (2019)

Format: Netflix

Rating: 4/5

Comments: This documentary is heartbreaking. It provides details about the conviction of Larry Nassar, former USA Gymnastics doctor. He used his power as a medical doctor to sexually abuse over 100 gymnasts during his career. The documentary reveals how USAG covered up the abuse and failed to properly report the abuse. It is powerful, devastating, appalling, and sickening. I’d say it’s a pretty well-made documentary and I would recommend the watch.

Title: Prisoners (2013)

Format: Free On-Demand

Rating: 5/5

Comments: Okay so unlike all of the other films I review in this blog series, I’ve seen this movie before. However, I decided to include it because it is absolutely a MUST SEE. Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman are INCREDIBLE. It’s slowly suspenseful, horrifyingly realistic, and simply fantastic. I might even go as far as to say it’s Gyllenhaal’s best role ever. The film is super underrated which is the pain reason it deserves some attention in this blog post.

Title: Love, Simon (2018)

Format: TV recording

Rating: 4/5

Comments: It’s so cute! I enjoyed every minute of it. The best thing about it is it’s authenticity. It’s candid and honest and contains a great message. Nick Robinson is extremely likable and I look forward to watching him in future films. Actually – there’s a show on Hulu called Love, Victor which is sort of a spinoff of this movie so I think I’ll check it out!

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