TV Shows I’m Obsessed With Right Now (pt. 2)

Outer Banks (Netflix original)

It’s cute and fun. It reminds me of One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl with the teenage drama. It’s definitely a little juvenile and corny but it’s still very enjoyable. It is set in Outer Banks, North Carolina (obviously) and shows the contrasting lifestyles of the pogues and the kooks of the island. The main character, John B., is a very lovable character and not just because he’s gorgeous. It was recently renewed for season two which I am very excited about!

How to Get Away with Murder (Available on Netflix)

HTGAWM is a must see. Viola Davis is a genius actor. Shonda Rhimes is a genius producer. It’s very soap opera-y but way less corny and it’s soooooo good. The characters and the premise of students in law school are extremely captivating. Rhimes always keeps the viewer guessing. I’d say the show is great because of it’s constant cliff hangers.  The series finale premiered not that long ago and it was very bittersweet. Although I’m sad the show is over, I was really happy with the ending.

Sweet Magnolias (Netflix original)

Super cute and super sweet. It is based off the novels by Sherryl Woods which I have never read. I have loved Joanna Garcia Swisher since Reba so it’s fun to see her in a leading role. It is so fun to see Jamie Lynn Spears have such a prominent role as well- probably her most prominent role since Zoey 101. She’s a cutie. The whole cast is full of cuties which makes it very enjoyable. Its lighthearted but slightly dramatic yet touches on real-life issues we can all relate to. It was also recently renewed for season two (where I’d love to see a Steve Howey make a cameo)! Netflix is killing it with these originals. 

Kingdom (Available on Netflix)

Mike and I are usually binging a show and this is our new favorite! I remember hearing about it years ago (mostly because Nick Jonas is one of the main characters) but I didn’t have DirecTV so I could never watch it. That was until Netflix put it up! We are obsessed. It’s mainly about fighters at an MMA gym with a few sprinkles of real life problems. It’s so good. The characters are rough and crazy and super interesting. It’s really cool because Nick Jonas is not the main character nor is his story the main storyline which I really like. It really removes him from the “Jonas Brothers” bubble. The worst part about this show is that it’s only three seasons. We are already on season two so I know we will soon be disappointed that it wasn’t renewed after three.

Selling Sunset (Netflix original)

So I usually cannot stand real estate shows if they do not include renovations of some sort, but this. THIS. This is good! Lots of women with lots of personalities selling homes in L.A.’s sunset strip. Honestly, most of the women are pretty unlikable. I have a few favorites but most of them I can’t stand. It’s very Real Housewives meets Million Dollar Listing. But it leans more towards Real Housewives which is probably why I enjoy it so much. I finished seasons one and two in like three days. Luckily, season three arrives the first week of August!

Renovation Island (HGTV On Demand)

Like I mentioned before, I LOVE a good reno show. It originally aired in Canada but I think HGTV recently picked it up because shows are so limited right now with filming halted due to COVID. But I am not mad at all. It is about a Canadian family who buys an abandoned resort in the Bahamas and completely renovates it. It is crazy to see the risk involved but it makes the reward so worth it. And how genius because now everyone who watches the show will want to visit their resort. Including me!

Other shows worth binge-watching: Sons of Anarchy (available on Hulu), Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu original), Reckoning (Netflix original), Homecoming (Hulu original), and everything I mentioned in my original TV Shows I’m Obsessed With Right Now post.

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