TV Shows I’m Obsessed With Right Now

This is Us (Available on Hulu)

I think most people are already watching This is Us but if you’re not, you should be. I’ve been obsessed since the very first episode. It’s like a really good book; it keeps you wanting more. The writing is unmatched, the plot twists are often and jaw-dropping, and each episode makes you yearn for the next. The cast is so perfect and the acting is rare for a TV drama. It pulls at your heartstrings, pisses you off, and keeps you on your toes. It’s also impossible not to love Jack and Rebecca’s relationship. One word: goals.

A Million Little Things (Available on Hulu)

Unlike most shows, I did not start watching this because it stars a familiar actor. I actually didn’t know any of the main actors before watching the show. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t good because they are. They’re great. The show is serious and raw and dramatic in the best ways. Most of the storylines are things most people experience in some way or another and seeing those experiences play out in different perspectives is what is most captivating about this show. When watching you can feel the characters’ pain or joy because you’ve been there. You’ve felt that pain or that joy. It’s a show that allows viewers to really emotionally connect with the characters.

9-1-1 (Available on Hulu)

I’m not typically into “cop shows” but this is different. It’s emotional and relatable and isn’t just about cops. It shows unique perspectives from dispatchers, EMS, fire, and police and how they work as one unit to help their community. I’ve loved Peter Krause since Parenthood and lucky for me he is the main character alongside Angela Bassett who is a BAD. ASS. The best part about 9-1-1 is the balance of humor and gravitas. I laugh as much as I want to cry and I think that combination makes it a really great show.

The Resident (Available on Hulu)

I’m also not typically into medical shows. I’ve never really watched Grey’s Anatomy but I know it’s dramatic and people drop like flies. When I started The Resident I hoped it wasn’t soap opera-y like Grey’s and luckily, it isn’t. I’ve loved Matt Czuchry since Gilmore Girls (even though I’m Team Jess) and I’ve loved Emily Van Camp since Revenge and the two of them are a dream team. The storylines are never too far-fetched or unrealistic which I really appreciate.

Below Deck/Mediterranean/Sailing Yacht (Available On Demand and Hulu Premium)

Mike and his parents got me HOOKED on this show. I just can’t stop watching. I am surprised I never got into it considering I am huge Housewives and VPR junkie. I think I started season 1 back in January and I just finished season 6. I am now on season 4 of Below Deck Med. I had no idea “yachting” was even a lifestyle until this show. As interesting as the crew is, the charter guests are who really make this show bonkers. Each episode is full of moments that make you say “WTF” out loud. I’d now like to change career paths and become a Chief Stew. I feel like I am an honorary yachty and know all there is to know about yachting from galleys to tenders to turndowns to fenders. I’m pumped to start Below Deck Sailing Yacht. If someone was to ask me tomorrow what show they should binge-watch in quarantine, Below Deck would absolutely be my first recommendation.

The Challenge (Available on MTV on Amazon Prime)

I remember being in my basement in Bellmawr, NJ watching Big Easy, Kenny, Paula, Derrick, CT, Diem, Aneesa, and all of the other OGs compete for money on this MTV classic. Each season I’d recognize a lot of the cast from watching The Real World, which was also a fav. I was young… very young. I moved out of Jersey when I was 14 and I had already been well-seasoned in the competition-based show. So growing up, while all of my friends were watching Cartoon Network and Disney, I was watching MTV. I was watching Next, Room Raiders, Made, Cribs, etc. Luckily The Challenge has stood the test of time and is still kicking today. It’s a combination of Big Brother, The Amazing Race, and Fear Factor with the drama of Real Housewives. Mike and I have been watching old seasons (we started with Rivals) on Amazon Prime. It’s been so fun to see old cast members and old challenges/eliminations that stand out in my memory. The best part about being someone who watches this show is that it almost feels like you are part of an exclusive club.  I have not crossed paths with too many people who are Challenge lifers but those who are are die-hard. I highly recommend going back and watching past seasons as well as keeping up with the current season, Total Madness. 

The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu original)

My mom cracked and signed up for the Hulu free trial a few days ago. Obviously, I went straight for The Handmaid’s Tale. Soo many people have recommended it but I’ve never had Hulu so I just haven’t had the chance to watch it. Until now. I’m already hooked after just a handful of episodes. It is BIZARRE and I cannot believe it is set in present-day New England. I cannot imagine the world being that way. I think the uniqueness of the show is the reason it’s been such a success. I’m excited to keep watching and learn more about the life of a handmaid.

Love is Blind (Netflix original)

So it’s absolutely awful. I’m the least obsessed with this show in comparison to the others. It’s corny, it’s cheesy, it’s unrealistic, it’s basically The Bachelor/ette but worse. Yes, I finished the 11 episodes in two days and yes, the main reason is because I needed to kill time at work, but it had to be on some level of intriguing to keep me occupied. So yes it’s intriguing.  It’s impractical and really weird and definitely unique. The entire show is an experiment on whether or not love is blind. The results are interesting and the results alone are the reason people should watch!

Other shows worth binge-watching: Gilmore Girls (available on Netflix), Parenthood (available on Hulu), Shameless (available on Netflix), Hart of Dixie (available on Netflix), Grace & Frankie (Netflix original), and last but not least, my fav One Tree Hill (available on Hulu).


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