Thoughts while binge-watching Love is Blind (episodes 7-11)

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Being drunk isn’t an excuse for her bringing up Barnett. I can’t believe Mark is just like “if you were sober I would have walked out.” Has he not heard of the phrase “drunk words are sober thoughts”? Run Mark run.

Giannina’s outfits are super cute.

Omg what. She is bringing up their sex life?! OUCH GIANNINA.

Oh boy they are on two different pages. Physically and emotionally.

Aw she lost her butterflies. This is so sad.

Omg what!!!!!!!!!!! Now they’re good?!?!? So they just proved their point that they’re only passionate after a fight. Welp whatever works I guess.

Hmm where are Barnett and Amber?  This will be humbling for Barnett.

Oh his name is Matt!!!!!!!! I love that she introduced him as that.

Wait Damian’s parents canceled? That’s literally so so so so sad.

Gi is right. He’s not fighting for them to meet her.

Oh they don’t want to be on camera?

Still weird.

Oh yay they’re communicating much better!!

Maybe Kelly and Kenny flew to another state? License plates aren’t being shown.

Aw I love Kelly’s parents!

Wait they’re all meeting together?! That’s sweet!!

Omg this makes me so happy. I love this and I’m so happy for Kelly and Kenny!!

Oh God Mark’s family. Can’t wait to meet Mark’s mom.

Oh no they have “Sunday get together”? That’s never a good sign.

Ohhhhhhhhh she plates the food for them and serves it? Uhh no. And he pours her wine first before Jess’s? This is going to not be good. I would not want to be Jessica.

Mark’s dad doesn’t talk? Cool.

Aw his mom likes her!!! This is way better than I expected.

Giannina’s family is flying in from Florida. Finally some explanation!

Aw Giannina crying while apologizing to Damian is actually so sweet.

Wow “hometowns” are going great!!!!

Cameron gives awkward hugs.


Omg Amber’s parents’ house and Barnett’s parents’ house are polar opposites.

Barnett’s brothers’ names are Andy and Danny? Matthew, Andrew, and Daniel. How typical of an upper-middle-class white family of all boys.

Barnett is the only one who drinks?

Oh god they hate her.

Barnett is the most attractive of his brothers.

I’m nervous about Lauren’s dad!

He’s intimidating.


I had a feeling Cam had dated a black woman before.

“I like him if she likes him.” Awww!! “She loves you so I like you.”

This is a successful meeting.

Ew they’re all shopping together for dresses and tuxes? No.

Wait they have the option to walk away at the altar?!

All of these dresses are gorgeous.

They all have their own styles which is fun to see.

So Barnett does actually like Amber.

I would not want all of these strangers there while I’m trying on dresses. It should be a special moment with family and friends.

Ah Mark’s friend is brutal.

Barnett is becoming less of a douche.

I really want to stalk everyone’s Instagrams but I don’t want to spoil anything for myself.

Oh Jess wants to talk to Barnett? So interesting. Not.

Stop saying you didn’t picture him and Amber together.

She does realize that Barnett is 27, right? Seven years younger than her. Three years older than Mark. What’s the difference?

“It felt like you had regrets.” “Really?” DON’T ACT DUMB, JESS. You knew exactly what you were doing and feeling. It’s weird that you talked to him on his birthday and it’s weird that you asked him to meet now.

She’s literally waiting for him to say “I feel the same way.” Or “I regret not picking you.”



So are we gonna meet Damian’s parents or not?

I don’t like when Giannina slightly calls out Damian on something and he goes “Well you know what you do?”

He is not very apologetic.

It would bother the crap out of me if my partner sat around all day while I worked.

The couples have to pay for their own dresses? That’s interesting. I figured the show would pay. I doubt the men paid for the engagement rings.

How can these couples expect people to come to their wedding with such short notice?

Lauren is my favorite person on the show.

Wait did we meet Cam’s parents? They’re all blending together in my mind. We didn’t meet Jessica’s parents either.

Aw that’s sad about Jess’s dad.

Mark’s date was such a good idea. Maybe she’ll bang him now.

Did Giannina really just check her phone while he’s having a real conversation? They make me nervous.

Damian’s first apology!!!!  Aw, they do have great conversations.

I also think they both kinda enjoy fighting…

I like that Kenny and Kelly are so real.

Lauren’s friend is just as weary as Mark’s friend. Which is totally normal.

I love that everyone is finally having real conversations.

Obviously everyone wants to be liked by their in-laws.

I don’t really think it’s realistic for Amber to say that Barnett should always back her up in front of his family and tell her she’s wrong behind closed doors.

I don’t think that’s fair that she already questioning what side he’s going to be on.

That’s a lot.


Omg Jess’s friends are so nice!!! Priyanka and Nick 4eva.

WAIT JESS AND MARK DID IT?!?! I knew it! It was the recreated pod date that sealed the deal.

Aw Damian is romantic!

A helicopter ride?! Geeez.

Don’t even tell me Damian paid for this helicopter date. I’m sure the show did.


I think Damian and Giannina will make it.

Ew it better not be a huge group wedding.

Ugh group bachelor/ette parties?! No no no no no. They don’t have their friends or family members with them. That would suck.

Why are the dudes at an art gallery? Wtf. The guys have friends there what the heck.

They should’ve flown everyone out to Vegas.

Jk the girls have their friends. Phew.

Wait Kelly just said that Kenny gives her the bff vibe. That’s not good.

Cam is a scientist so obvi him and his friends are a wee bit dorky.

THE DRAG QUEEN SAID JESSICA IS SLURRING. What else is new. Hahahah Lauren called her a Messica.

Welp here Jessica goes again about Barnett.

Amber is like ummmmmmmm k.

Giannina and Damian’s Wedding

Ahh I’m nervous. Damian is crying! Those better be good tears. He doesn’t look happy??

Aw Giannina is so well-spoken.

How the heck did they memorize their vows? I will never be able to do that.

I love her dress but I really thought she’d go with something more form-fitting.

What are those facial expressions Damian????



“I DO NOT.” Oh my god. What the hell. Damian noo! Why wouldn’t you have told her a week ago?

I mean this does make for great TV.

He put it all on her. “I can’t marry you because I know you’re not ready” DUDE SHE JUST SAID “I DO.”

Oh god now she’s comforting her mom. Who is telling her she should have said no. Idk if that’s how I would want my mom to react… It’s not very helpful.

She’s right. He always puts it on her.

Omg she ripped her dress and give him is bow back. Wow. Full circle.

Amber and Barnett’s Wedding

Oh no Barnett has cold feet? That’s scary.

I had a feeling……

I think Barnett and Amber have the least compatible lifestyles.

I would def not be getting my hair and makeup done if my fiance was having cold feet. I’d force him to talk to me first.

Nooooooo not the necklace Amber. Ugh it is so distracting from her dress and makeup.

It just seems unnecessary to make them decide at the altar.

Damn Barnett is looking good in that suit.

I think Amber and Barnett could make it work.

She looks beautiful.

Oh god Barnett is gonna say no.

Jk the music is happy now. Maybe he’ll say yes.

He’s not making eye contact. This is bad.


This is so great! I’m so happy for them.

Kelly and Kenny’s Wedding

Kelly might say no… That’s the vibe I’m getting

Oh god she’s not infatuated. I’m worried.

Omg Kelly looks gorgeous.

He totally loves her.

I’m still worried about her.

I’m worried there could be a production-created pattern. One no, one yes… one no?


Oh my god. She said it.

Their parents are shook.

Aww I feel so bad for Kenny.

Omg he’s such a good guy for saying that to the guests.

Ugh even Kelly’s mom loves him!

The crew is savage wow.

So my guess would be… Lauren and Cam are next who say yes and Jessica and Mark are last and say no.

Nope I was wrong about the pattern.

Jessica and Mark’s Wedding

Damn new venue? How’d they get so lucky…

Why are the hairs down around Jess’s face straight and not curled?

Jk she put the hairs back?? Weird.

Wait maybe it is the same venue?

Omg her parent aren’t there?! Whatttt. She has no one to comfort her.

Wait I think she’s gonna say yes. I think they’re gonna do this!

So maybe I’m right about the pattern.

One no, one yes, one no, one yes… that would make Lauren and Cam a no.

Omg you can tell she really loves him.

The suspense holy crap.

WHAT!!! I really thought she was gonna do it.

She was all smiley and she kissed him when she walked up there and whispered “I love you.” V deceiving.

Okay so Cam and Lauren must be a yes! Or not. Clearly, my pattern is wrong.

I totally understand saying no to something you are not 10000% confident in. But I just don’t understand waiting until the altar!

Lauren and Cameron’s Wedding

Ummm so they’re back to the o.g. venue.

Damn Lauren is still undecided?

Cam definitely is not.

Cam’s mom! Hey Pam!

I love the dress Lauren picked!

The building they’re in looks beautiful but the altar decorations have been so cheesy for each wedding.

Finally, someone who wrote down their vows! If she wrote them, she means them, she’s gonna say yes for sure.


Wow so only Amber and Barnett and Lauren and Cam. Amazing.

“In the end, making the right decision for you is the right decision for everybody.” – Kelly. I love that! 


Wow so Kelly, Jess, Mark, Carlton, and Diamond are single. Veeeery interesting. Meaning Kenny is not single nor are Damian and Giannina.

Yay the married couples made it!

Damian and Giannina are together!!! AND SHE TOOK OUT HER EXTENSIONS!

Wow Kelly has dated since the show. Interesting.

Kenny found someone!! That means that Kelly was a stepping stone in his path to her. How cute.

Amber is blonde! She looks great. They look great.

Jess moved to LA just like she wanted to. How cute.

Mark will make some girl very lucky.

Oh so it started with 15 guys and 15 girls!

I don’t think Barnett is at fault for being confused. He’s human. Of course he liked multiple people.

Yes Amber you tell her!!! It’s freakin shady that Jess couldn’t stop talking to/about Barnett.

I think Amber is right and wrong and Jess is also right and wrong.

Watching playbacks must be so awk for the couples who are no longer together.

Omg Diamond and Carlton’s breakup was one for the books.

Aw I feel so bad for Carlton.

Omg it’s so nice that he’s apologizing like this. Okay nope it’s weird that he put the ring back on her finger.

I love that Damian and Giannina are still together.

Aw Kenny is such a good guy!!!!!!!

Wow this was over a year ago. That’s awesome that both couples are still together.

It’s really cool that Jess is owning her faults and that she’s very self-aware.

I freaking love Lauren and Cameron.

Omg everyone agrees love can be blind!!! The experiment was a success!

Final thoughts: So love is definitely blind. I know not everyone got married but I do think everyone fell in love to an extent. This is a wild show. It’s extreme. It doesn’t have to be that extreme at all. Idk why they had to meet and get married all in the same four weeks. But that’s what makes for good TV! I will absolutely be watching season two!

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