Thoughts while binge-watching Love is Blind (episodes 1-6)

All I have been hearing about for the past month is about this crazy reality show on Netflix. It seemed silly and I wasn’t really interested even though I’m a huge Bachelor/ette fan. However, I have been desperate to find things to pass the time at work so between today and tomorrow I am attempting to binge-watch all ten episodes of Love is Blind and obviously, I want to share my thoughts. So please enjoy my thoughts while I embark on this weird, romantic, impractical journey.


Why are these girls so dressed up just to sit on a couch? I’d be in sweats.

Barnett seems like not the nicest person.

Cameron is so emotional idk if I can handle that.

Jessica reminds me of Annelise from The Bachelor.

Amber seems like a lot to handle.

Why are they only focusing on two couples?

Omg four days in and Cameron and Lauren are already saying the L word?!


They seem like a great match though. I’m here for it.

Is this only going to focus on them? I’m confused.


I’m not sure what Jessica sees in Barnett. Mark is the better option.

Oh, finally some other couples!

Yay everyone is starting to wear comfy clothes!

Damian and Giannina are interesting. Giannina is a beautiful name wow.

I cannot believe Carlton hasn’t told Diamond about his sexuality. He should’ve done that before PROPOSING.

Barnett is absolutely a fuck boy. Anyone who introduces himself with his last name is not someone I’d wanna date let alone marry. How about “My name is Bob but most people call me Barnett.” Does he introduce himself as Barnett in job interviews? Tool.

Ugh of course Jessica went back to Mark.

“I’m not second fiddle.” YOU TELL HER!

Kelly and Kenny: Omg another proposal?! Why are they closing their eyes? They can’t see each other anyway. Would he have done a blindfolded proposal in the real world?

This experiment is crazy. I like to believe I would’ve fallen in love with Mike without seeing him.

Omg Kelly and Kenny are so cute.

Giannina is making me nervous with her pacing.

LC seems super normal. Way too normal for Barnett. Jessica really isn’t that normal – she might be a little cray.

Mark is handling Amber’s traumatizing story really well.

Wait who is this dude always hyping up the guys and rationalizing their thoughts? Is he a therapist? Did I miss something?

So I can’t really stand Giannina’s extensions.

Giannina stop pacing!!! You’re freaking everyone out.

Ugh something is off…


She doesn’t believe in labels?! Why is she here?!

Oh damn. Wait that was really cute that she asked him!

Barnett is definitely not a good communicator.

Okay so right now there are five engagements? Lauran and Cameron. Giannina and Damian. Kelly and Kenny. Diamond and Carlton. Jk maybe four?

And now Mark and Jessica! They definitely had the most instant connection in the house.

Barnett has no idea what he wants.

LC is way too good for Barnett. Sorry if that’s mean I’m just not a fan of his.

I think he’s picking Amber.

BAM I was right.

Poor LC.

This situation is very Bachelor-esque.

I honestly don’t even think he likes Amber that much.


Omg Giannina’s reaction is adorable!!!!!!!!

I wish I knew how many people started in the beginning. Is LC just shit out of luck now? There must be more guys…

Barnett is tall. He’s def hot in a suit. Still a tool. But he brought flowers which is nice.

They’re both a tad crazy so it’s good they ended up together.

I’m confused how all of this has happened in less than three episodes. The season finale must be weddings.

Jessica looks 40. Omg I’m so mean. She’s gorgeous!! But I think she looks older than 34.

Wow I am genuinely happy for all of these couples. What is this show!

Hola Mexico!

Wait is Giannina being serious?! She’s been counting… And went to the ocean… for some action?

I love Kelly’s date outfit.

Lauren and Cameron hey! Long time no see.

Cameron is a little too hairy for me.

Ummm Carlton what are you doinggggggggg?

He’s so rude!!

Wait what is up with Jessica’s baby voice when she’s with Mark? Heck. No.

Ahh idk how I would feel if my fiance told me he was with guys before.

It is obvious that it was really hard for him to tell Diamond that. I love that he’s being himself.  And it’s nice that he understands that it’s going to be hard for her to digest.

I definitely think he should have told her before proposing.


First “fantasy suite”(s) are interesting! Some banged some didn’t.

Oh no, did Diamond sleep alone? That’s sad.

As of now I’m in confident in:
Lauren and Cameron
Barnett and Amber
Giannina and Damian
Kelly and Kenny

Mark and Jessica and Carlton and Diamond… eh not so much.

Did the show match people on purpose? Did they intentionally pick certain people? Did they know certain personalities would click/clash?

I see why Diamond is frustrated about Carlton waiting to tell her.

Their relationship worries me. Carlton has a horrible attitude. I understand he wants to be honest but I think this all could have been handled differently. Carlton absolutely doesn’t have to disclose information he doesn’t want to. I don’t think Diamond’s issue is his sexuality it’s that he wasn’t honest right away.

Oh boy. This is wild. Omg he’s being so mean. I don’t think he ever really loved her. I feel bad for both of them.

Oh God. Jessica looking at Barnett. Not good. He’s much more her “type.”

Vanessa and Nick are such random hosts. I don’t like how scripted it is when the hosts are speaking. Vanessa is like a robot.

Omg it’s weird that they’re all mingling! And it’s weird that this didn’t happened sooner…

I love how Lauren said that Barnett is exactly what she was expecting. That’s because his personality is so predictable compared to his looks.

Wow Mark is short compared to all of the guys.

I don’t think Damian is used to someone like Giannina. She’s definitely wild. He seems more reserved. Perfect balance!

I’m worried about Mark and Jessica for sure.

I’m actually kinda worried about Barnett. He hasn’t given any clues that he’s regretful butttttttttttt idk.

Oh no I spoke too soon. They need to stop talking.

Amber is a wee bit crazy so there’s no way Barnett would escape without a fight.


Jessica drinks a lot of wine. She slurs often.

Oh boy. Is she too drunk to understand what he’s saying? All he’s saying is that he wants to make decisions together.

I like Mark. I don’t think Jessica is that likable.

He hasn’t given her any pushback about not sleeping together.

Oh boy. She’s… something else. There’s a reason she spends football Sundays at home with her dog.

Mexico is such a great idea because vaca-ing with your significant other is HUGE. I broke up with someone after a vaca because so much had been revealed.

Omg Barnett. Amber asked if he had any second thoughts after meeting Jessica and all he did was awkwardly laugh.

So nice of Joe Exotic to let the show borrow his tiger print helicopter!

I’d pick the helicopter date over the horses and the boat ride.

Uh oh- def some rocky waters for Damian and Giannina on this boat ride.

However – arguing is definitely healthy.

Lauren and Cameron have GOT THIS.

Okay Damian and Giannina have also got this.

So are they just staying in Mexico until the weddings in 23 days?!

Barnett and Amber are a little too sexual for me. It’s just a little weird in front of people.

Jessica is totally still into Barnett. She doesn’t seem too into Mark. The words “physical” and “discomfort” should not ever be used to describe your relationship with your fiance.

Ahh she’s uncomfortable when he kisses her? That’s so sad.

Mark move on. You can do better.

This pool montage is showing all of the couples splashing around except Mark and Jessica.

Jessica is physically attracted to Barnett but not her fiance?! Ughhhh poor Mark.

Jessica said that we would see a sophisticated Barnett if they were a couple? What the hell does that even mean? He is who he is.

So I’m not a huge Jessica fan but I respect her honesty and I respect Mark’s support.


Oh so they are leaving Mexico. Cool cool.

Wait move-in day?! They’re all moving in together? What if they don’t live in the same state?

Wait they’re all moving into the same neighborhood? This is weird.

Barnett just does not seem interested. Maybe he is and maybe Amber is just way more over the top.

Couples should absolutely not share toothbrushes.

Why are Cam and Lauren sitting next to each other at the dinner table? No.

Glad to see Kelly is a real person with real obligations.

Ew Jessica’s baby voice. No.

Hahah I love that Jessica and Mark are talking about poop. Mike just started letting me fart after a year.

Cam and Lauren are going to have beautiful babies.

I think Barnett is going to run but I hope he doesn’t.

I wonder why Atlanta.

Oh shit Lauren lives in Atlanta that’s cool. Wait I thought Jessica and Mark are from Chicago. Wait Cam lives in Atlanta too? I’m so confused.

Wow his house is beautiful! They should just move in there!

Okay Cam is a wee bit creepy. Idk the way he’s always staring at Lauren and rubbing her. Idk!!!!

Why would Lauren want to keep her place?

Wait Barnett lives in Atlanta too?! I’M SO CONFUSED

Barnett’s bachelor pad is kinda cute.

Amber definitely seems like the irresponsible type. Not paying her loans at all?! Not even the minimum?! Oh boy. I may be Amber’s age living at home but at least I pay my loans.


Can someone please explain this to me…

I mean Jessica’s hypotheticals are valid.

I see why Mark’s “it doesn’t bother me” personality is a red flag.

Jess makes six figures?! Damn who needs a man at that point. Get a sperm donor.


Oh boy. He’s a total momma’s boy.


Jess is slurring at this birthday party.

Okay, she can’t be like “we’re the same person” and now say “we’re so dissimilar” about Mark.

Maybe Barnett is just not emotional. He’s just staring at Slurry Jess.

Aw Amber is more than he expected. That’s cute!

Oh Jessica stop it right now. Do not project your issues onto him. Let him alone. Do not try and sabotage his relationship just because yours isn’t working.

Slurry Jess still loves Barnett. She said that if it doesn’t work out that he should reach out to her. Gross.

“Let’s have a drink.” Mark knows something is off.

Damian is awko-taco.

Oh goodness. He’s not listening to her at all.

Oh boy this is so awkward. She simply doesn’t want him to purposely make social situations awkward. Um same??? He enjoys making people feel awkward because it makes people smile? Lauren was clearly uncomfortable and Giannina was saying that she didn’t like that her friend was uncomfortable.

Okay Mark definitely shouldn’t have said that Giannina is a close second. BUT JESSICA ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT HAVE BROUGHT UP BARNETT BEING SEXY. WHAT.


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