Real Housewives Recap Week of 4.12.20

The premiere of Beverly Hills inspired me to start blogging my housewives thoughts again. It’s midseason for Pump Rules so I’ll recap a little on what has happened so far. Luckily, I’m only two episodes behind for NYC and not much has happened so at least I’m not too behind on that.

Vanderpump Rules | S8 E15

First of all – Brittany and Jax’s wedding was BEYOND. The castle?!?! Omg it was beautiful. I still think Jax is a pig but Brittany is exactly who he needs to keep him somewhat normal. I knew Sandoval would end up at the wedding one way or another. Him and Ariana have been so annoying the last few years. I prefer Ariana over him.

Katie overreacting about the police prank?! What the hell. I didn’t think it was insensitive at all. I thought it was hilarious. Way more hilarious than toilet paper. I also think the guys are trying too hard for Max to fit in.

So as of right now the only new person I really like is Dayna. I think she’s real, unapologetic, and super funny. I like that pretty much the whole crew went to her birthday party because it shows that she’s faved by them as well. Charli and Danica I’m not too sure about yet. And the boys… Brett and Max? Eh.

The Vegas wedding is the most Schwartz and Katie thing ever – as is the fact that their first wedding wasn’t “real.” I kinda thing it’s wrong that Kristen wasn’t invited but I get it. The group just needs a break from her. I would imagine being her friend is exhausting. Friendships shouldn’t be that much work. I love that LVP flew to Vegas for the wedding. She truly is the mother hen. I’ve always loved Pump Rules LVP more than Bev Hills LVP.

I LOVE THAT BEAU IS GOING TO PROPOSE TO STASSI AND THAT SHE HAS NO CLUE. I love them. I like to think that Mike and I are a lot like them. Goofy and great.

I really am surprised James isn’t drinking. I just can’t with Raquel. I can’t. She’s just too much for me. The whiny voice and the lack of thinking before she speaks. I don’t think she means to sound dumb but she does.

I really want Scheana to settle down. She is the furthest thing from my fav person on this show but you can tell she is super unhappy in her life. She needs a Brittany but in male form. Someone to ground her and keep her sane.

“Rand” is freakin awesome. It’s so nice to see him so much on the show now. I don’t love when Lala teases her hair but has it slicked back?? But if that’s the only issue I have with her then we’re good.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | S10 E1


I actually totally dig the bangs on Kyle. She has always been one of my favs and I just love her and her family. Her clothing line is… unique. The prints and the flowy designs are very her so I expected nothing less. She was definitely in over her head at the fashion show; she definitely should have and could have been more involved. But it was a total success!

Dorit has never not annoyed me so we shall see how she is this season. She is just way too much for me. Her clothes, her hair, her family, her fake accent. I just don’t understand. It’s like she’s masking something at all times. And her eyes. She does this weird thing where she widens them and stares into your soul.

Rinna is the best. I love her energy and her spunk and I think the show is better with her on it.

Denise isn’t looking too good this season. Maybe she’s had too much work done? Not enough? It’s crazy that she has never taken Charlie Sheen to court. She should probably listen to Erika about taking legal action.

It was really cool to see Erika’s old stopping grounds especially because I read about it in her book. She is just a boss ass bitch.

Sooo not sure how I feel about the new girls, Garcelle and Sutton. Neither of them really seem like they’ll fit in too well.

TEDD IS PREGNANT AND I’M OBSESSED. I’ve always loved Teddi. She is real and always owns her shit. I love her and Kyle’s friendship and I like to think I’d fit right in.

HOLY CRAP THE ENDING. I did not hear or see anything about Denise and Brandi having an affair!! What!! I can’t believe the last time things were normal was at the fashion show. If the season started with the fashion show, that means things are wild all season and I am! This group tends to always have a lot of drama and I love it.

Real Housewives of New York City | S12 E3

I am totally digging Leah so far. I really miss Bethenny already but Leah is the perfect newbie to add a little roughness to these women.

In the last episode, it was obvious that something is really going on with Dorinda and it’s not just the stress of house repairs. In the season premiere, I love that she said that she doesn’t think Lu is an alcoholic- she was just going through something. I completely agree. I don’t think Lu has a drinking problem. I think she uses alcohol to fix her other problems and when she can’t fix them, alcohol becomes an excuse. I also don’t think Lu is going to stay “sober” for the rest of time.

Oh sweet right away Dorinda mentioned more is going on with her! She is one of my fav housewives too.

Obviously Lu didn’t want to go to the winery. Ugh hopefully her cabaret isn’t as much of a storyline this season. That was hell. However, I love that her hair is a little longer. It makes her look younger.

What kind of party did they go to?! Not a party I would want to attend. There was no real food. No full bar. No music. Everyone was in gowns and Leah was in her outfit straight from Fashion Nova (in a good way). Who the hell hosts a party just to show off their house?

Drunk Sonja is something else. She is WILD. Definitely embarrassing. I think she’s missing something in her life.

Can we just talk about how they all have just one daughter? Dorinda, Leah, Sonja, Bethenny, and Ramona all just have one daughter!! It’s so weird.

I’m not surprised Lu left in the middle of the night. She seriously thinks she’s royalty. I like Dorinda’s fish room and I would have been grateful to be in Ramona’s basement. She’s just not a good person. She’s ungrateful and didn’t deserve an apology from Ramona. Nothing is ever good enough for her.

Definitely, looks like a banging season and I’m pumped!


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