The last ten movies I watched (pt. 5)

Title: Zodiac (2007)

Format: Netflix

Rating: 8/10

Comments: My only complaint is how long it is. Two and a half hours is excessive. Other than that, it’s really good. RDJ’s character is hilarious and Jake Gyllenhaal is incredible as usual. The story is insane and it’s even more insane that the Zodiac killer was/is real.

Title: Booksmart (2019)

Format: In theaters

Rating: 8/10

Comments: So great! The acting is INCREDIBLE. The writing… even more incredible. It’s hilarious and clever. It’s about true friendship, real teenage issues that are relatable at any age, and the importance of acknowledging people for who they truly are.

Title: Moonlight (2016)

Format: Netflix

Rating: 7/10

Comments: It’s so incredibly sad. I wanted to cry at least three times. It is sooo sad. I don’t think I enjoy movies that sad. However, it’s very well made movie. The acting is awesome. I wish Mahershala Ali was in the whole movie but his minor scenes made a huge impact on the storyline. The ending is pretty hopeful. It’s good but I don’t think I’d watch it again just because of how sad it is.

Title: A Quiet Place (2018)

Format: Prime Video

Rating: 6/10

Comments: Ehhhhh too weird for me. The concept is cool but the sci-fi aspect isn’t for me. The acting is good considering no one is allowed to speak. I wish there was some kind of explanation as to why the world is the way it is in the film.

Title: The Scent of a Woman (1992)

Format: TV recording

Rating: 8/10

Comments: I love a good unconventional friendship. It’s a good one for sure. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Al Pacino movie and I was not at all disappointed. The ending is great. It’s just a feel good movie about two unlikely friends who learned a lot about themselves and each other one Thanksgiving weekend.

Title: Hangman (2017)

Format: Prime Video

Rating: 6/10

Comments: Two Al Pacino movies in a row! I definitely prefer the former. This isn’t bad but pretty corny. The acting isn’t very good besides Pacino and Snow. I love Brittany Snow. I kept falling asleep during the movie so Mike had to fill me in. Wouldn’t watch again but would recommend.

Title: The Goonies (1985)

Format: TV

Rating: 7/10

Comments: I know I know – it’s absolutely absurd that I had never seen this classic before. But now I completely understand why it is a classic. Totally reminds me of Stand by Me which is one of my favs. I always appreciate great child acting.

Title: Secret Obsession (2019)


Rating: 6/10

Comments: Somewhat creepy, definitely cheesy. Very corny sound effects/music. It’s very Lifetime-y. Pretty predictable. But not the worst Netflix original I’ve seen. Good to see ya, Brenda Song.

Title: School Ties (1992)

Format: Prime Video

Rating: 7/10

Comments: Has a very Dead Poets Society vibe with the private all-boy school setting. It’s strange to see Matt Damon as the bad guy. I really enjoyed it. It really sheds light on discrimination and I was very sad for Brendan Fraser’s character. Gotta love a Damon/Affleck classic.

Title: Good Boys (2019)

Format: In theaters

Rating: 9/10

Comments: SOOOO FREAKIN FUNNY!! Mike and I did not stop laughing. There was no more than five minutes between laugh attacks. Funniest movie I have seen in a longggg time, probably since We’re the Millers (2013). The writing is hilarious and all the jokes are super current which makes them even funnier. The three actors are fantastic and I cannot wait to watch them in movies for years to come.


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