Summer 2019 Book Reviews

Title: Before We Were Strangers

Author: Brenda Novak

Rating: 7/10

Comments: It’s definitely a page-turner. The ending was kind of predictable because it’s the solution the main character was eager for so that was kind of disappointing. There are several twists which is what kept me hooked. The entire book is a “be careful who you trust” lesson. It has a happy ending but it’s the ending everyone hopes for. Does this mean I don’t enjoy a happy ending? Or maybe it was just a little too predictable for me. Overall still very good!

Title: The Woman in the Window

Author: A.J. Finn

Rating: 7/10

Comments: I enjoyed it! It is such a quick read with several twists that had my jaw on the floor. It has a very interesting point of view. Agoraphobia is such a crazy concept and I cannot imagine suffering from it. Although the narrator can’t leave the house, the author does a great job at incorporating several unique characters. 

Title: The One and Only

Author: Emily Giffin

Rating: 6/10

Comments: It took me about three months to read. It isn’t bad but I think I’m so hooked on thrillers at the moment that a sappy love book just wasn’t for me. Football has a huge presence in the novel which is really cool and I enjoyed that aspect a lot. But I need more turmoil than this book offers.

I am soooo disappointed in myself. Ten books is my goal every summer and I didn’t even do half that. I think if I hadn’t stuck with the last one and picked up a more interesting thriller, I would’ve gotten through more books. It was a very busy and exciting summer but I still could have made more of a reading effort. My goal is five books this fall!


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