Fall 2020 Book Reviews

Title: Lock Every Door
Author: Riley Sager
Rating: 3.8/5
Comments: Absolutely loving Sager. I read Final Girls and The Last Time I Lied by him which possessed me to read more. I think this one is my least favorite by him but that does not mean it’s not good! It took me a while to finish but I think I was exhausted from reading so much over the summer that I needed a break. It’s definitely a page-turner. I was getting a little annoyed once theories started to form but once everything was back on track and the truth came out, I considered myself satisfied. I was afraid for a second that it was gonna go in a direction that would not appeal to me at all. (Not that it’s all about me.) But I’m definitely more than pleased with the ending and even more appreciative of Sager’s work.

Title: The Guest List (RRN!)
Author: Lucy Foley
Rating: 4.3/5
Comments: I was seeing this book cover alllll over so when my friend lent it to me, I could not wait to tear it open! And boy does it live up to the hype! It is sooo good. I’d say there are four major plot twists and I only guessed one of them. ONLY ONE. That means I was completely and utterly shocked by the other THREE. Usually while I’m reading I can guess the two or three plot twists the author plans but not this time; not with this many. My head was spinning. I said “oh my god” out loud on more than one occasion. Foley’s writing style is refreshing and even though the book somewhat flips back and forth, I didn’t mind it much because her writing is very fluff-free. It’s really thrilling and enjoyable and I cannot wait to read to more by her.

Clearly, I was totally slacking on my reading this fall! I’m hoping to read at least five this winter so we’ll see how I do!

*RRN: Read Right Now!

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