Spring 2021 Book Reviews

Title: The Other Mrs.
Author: Mary Kubica
Rating: 4.1/5
Comments: Although it took me forever to read, it’s very much a page turner. The wide range of main characters keeps the book exciting and intriguing. I guessed a few twists but definitely not all of them. It’s one of those books that you’re like “okay, something is off here” with a few of the characters but you don’t really know who is actually off. Highly recommend (especially since it’s coming to Netflix)!

Title: The Silent Patient (RRN!)
Author: Alex Michaelides
Rating: 4.3/5
Comments: Shout out to my cousin (@readingontheroof on Instagram) for sharing this with me on Audible! As I listened to it on my five and a half hour ride to Pennsylvania, I kept wishing for traffic so I would be able to finish the entire book. It is so good and I had so many theories. They were all wrong which is always a good thing. You think you’re aware of the time period but you’re not which is really the biggest twist.

Title: A Stranger in the House
Author: Shari LaPena
Rating: 3.2/5
Comments: Ehhhhh. Didn’t love it. I enjoyed The Couple Next Door waaaay more. This did not keep my attention and honestly it just wasn’t that interesting. However, I do appreciate that it did not flip back and forth like most newer books do. Don’t waste your time on this one.

Title: All the Missing Girls
Author: Megan Miranda
Rating: 4/5
Comments: I have said this before and I will say it again: I cannot stand Miranda’s writing style. When I read The Last House Guest last summer I was so irked because of the flip-flopping. This one is worse because it starts in the future but then it’s a countdown. Thankfully, I was listening to it on Audible instead of reading it which I feel like would have been even more of a struggle. The story itself is pretty good with some interesting characters. The plot twists weren’t as extreme as I prefer but still well-written. I feel too annoyed about the writing to elaborate on the story line. I’m not sure I’ll read another Miranda book again.

*RRN: Read Right Now!

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