Winter 2020/21 Book Reviews

Welp, I didn’t reach my goal of five books. It was a weird winter and it went by in the blink of an eye. It was so quick that I didn’t remember to publish this blog until April.

I’ll admit that I didn’t have too much interest in reading because I was too busy watching Real Housewives of Dallas, Summer House, and Southern Charm for the first time and I’m ~obsessed~ with all of them. I have no regrets.

Title: Pretty Little Wife (RRN!)
Author: Darby Kane
Rating: 4.3/5
Comments: Wow. I loved it! No fluff- straight to the point. It is a total page-turner. I honestly did not have a theory the entire time which is unusual for me. And the minor thoughts I did have were totally wrong. I love her writing style. This is her only novel and I really hope she writes more because I’d love to read more by her.

Title: The Flight Attendant
Author: Chris Bohjalian
Rating: 3.5/5
Comments: I don’t understand the hype. I think my issue is that you already know the main plot right away. There is nothing leading up to “what happened” because we’re told right away. I guess the point is “who, what, why” but I didn’t care in a way that I usually care during thrillers. The motivation to finish this one was the impeding show. However, that didn’t impress me either and I stopped watching after episode two. But since Kaley Cuoco was nominated for a Golden Globe, I may give it another shot because I do love her.

*RRN: Read Right Now!

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