Winter 2019/20 Book Reviews

Title: Girls Like Us (RRN!)
Author: Cristina Alger
Rating: 8.5/10
Comments: SO GOOD. Could not put down. I love a badass female detective. So many twists and turns. Super short and sweet – no fluff. I can’t stand fluff. Very much a page-turner. I think I finished it in three days!!!!

Yes I only read one book this winter but it was SOOOO GOOD. I had started The Drifter by Nicholas Petrie on my cruise but I just wasn’t into it enough so I never finished it. 

I wish I was able to read more books the last three months but it’s the busiest time at work so any extra free time was most definitely not spent reading. My goal for the year is 20 books – so only 19 to go! I loved Girls Like Us so much that my next book will also be by Alger!

*RRN: Read Right Now!

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