As I sit in this coffee shop…

…I must confess that I’m realizing how much I love Tuesdays. I don’t think the average person would pick Tuesday as their favorite day of the week. However, I have come to love Tuesdays. Tuesdays typically are my day off from work. As much as it bothers me to work most weekends, there is something calming about having a day off when most of the world is working. Tuesdays have become my me day. They’re the only day I have completely to myself and my appreciation for alone time is at an all-time high.

Having a day off during the week while everyone is working makes me appreciate my time even more. I can go places and practically be alone. There are actually more people in this coffee shop than I expected. Six to be exact. I’m by far the youngest. Two of the women are most likely retired and two of the men are speaking a language I cannot understand. That’s the cool thing about coffee – it brings all types of people together.

On a typical Tuesday, I do my laundry. I run my errands. I pay my bills. I try not to think about work. The latter has been difficult lately since it’s busy season. The holidays at work are extra crazy so Tuesdays will be my saving grace for the next eight weeks. Every Tuesday I try to spend some time writing or reading. They relax me. I tend to spend Tuesdays reflecting on my week and my life.

(My favorite song and the inspiration for my tattoo Float On just came in on the coffee shop as my lemon crepe was brought over simultaneously with the first snowflakes of the season falling outside. What a perfect Tuesday.) 

Speaking of reflecting on life, I’m going to be 25 in just a few weeks. A quarter of a century. I don’t feel 25. Sometimes I feel 35, sometimes I still feel 17. I’m not sure if I’m doing well for my age. Does anyone really know? I remember being younger and wanting to be married by 25 and have all my kids my 30. Then for a while, I didn’t want kids at all. Now I’m like Crap, I’m going to be 25. I still live at home. My relationship is still fresh. I can barely afford to pay my student loans and breathe at the same time. How will I ever move out? But then I remind myself that everyone has their own path and works at their own pace.

My biggest life question mark is whether or not I want to stay in Connecticut. Deep down I really don’t. Now that I’m back to seeing myself with kids, I definitely do not see myself raising them here. I was home in Jersey a few weeks ago and I still miss it. I loved my childhood. I loved walking everywhere and everyone knowing everyone. I miss the kindness of neighbors and the Philadelphia spirit. I don’t necessarily want to move back to where I’m from, but I think I want to be in the Philadelphia area. That’s all I really know for sure. Everything else? Not a clue. I know I’m in a great relationship and I know my wonderful mom is in no rush to kick me out. But I can’t live at home forever. How I’ll afford rent AND my student loans? I have no idea. Let a girl know if anyone has a clue.

As I sit in this coffee shop, I hope for consistent Tuesdays. I hope for good days to myself.  At this point my life, Tuesdays symbolize a great level of appreciation and satisfaction. My relationship is a Tuesday. My family is a Tuesday. My friendships are Tuesdays. And all I can hope is that 25 will be a Tuesday.


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