Real Housewives of Real Talk: Week of 2/10/19

Vanderpump Rules

I am the only one thinking it’s weird that Kristen, Ariana, and Lala are getting lunch?

I’m worried about Kristen traveling.

Hmm interesting that Kristen is fighting with Carter… kinda sounds like how Kristen and Sandoval used to fight.

$14,000 for an ENGAGEMENT PARTY???? Too extra for me.

I’m kinda surprised Jax and Brittany are getting married in the Catholic Church.

I can’t believe Lala is still hostessing. Clearly she doesn’t need to work. But I guess it’s kinda cool that she does still work?

Yes, James, it’s a very good idea for you to go to therapy.

I cannot imagine the amount of stress James is in about his parents. He shouldn’t have to financially support them.

The more I see Stassi with Beau the more I realize I’m Stassi.

This therapist is HARD.

I didn’t know Ariana can sing!

$200.00 every three days? Holy.

James’ mom is delusional if she thinks that dressing her kids in Burberry is being a good mom.

Omg to see James being responsible and mature with his mom is wild. Why can’t he be like that with other people?

Peter needs to be a lead cast member.

Omg Jacqueline asking for another son to work at Sur? Why did he just graduate college and need to be a bus boy? All Jacqueline does is ask ask ask ask ask.

Oh god, Kristen already starting off on a bad note.

I’m sad that Lala isn’t gonna drink.

I wanna go to Solvang how cute.

Stassi and Ariana rooming together? Love it.

Wtf Katie. No Carter should not have to help Kristen get ready on time. She’s a big girl.

Kristen is already eating lavender? Damn.

Wow I’d never invite Kristen anywhere. So rude.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


Holy damn that first scene.

I love Kyle’s short hair.

Jagger’s speech has improved so much!

Wait why didn’t we hear the new taglines?

Amelia has become so pretty.

I can’t believe Giggy is stick kickin’.

It’s so sad that LVP lost her brother.


Teddi and Kyle remind me of me and my friends.

Ugh this Dorit and Erika friendship. Not about it. Dorit better not be as annoying this season.

Interesting that Dorit gave her dog back.

Ooooh so she attacked PK. I would’ve too.

Why didn’t Dorit just give the dog back to LVP?

Kyle can’t do anything right according to LVP. I’m glad Kyle stuck up for herself especially when LVP isn’t pissed at Dorit about the dog.

Omg LVP never cries.

I’m pumped about Denise Richards joining the cast.

Damn is this a dinner date or an interrogation? Maybe you shouldn’t sign something without reading it, Dorit.

I cannot stand Dorit’s voice.

They should’ve brought the dog back to LVP, bottom line.

Kyle’s new house is gorgeous.

Omg Denise’s girls are awkward.

Dorit’s visor is…interesting.

Why is the dog thing even a big deal? It shouldn’t even be a topic of discussion. Who cares that Teddi knows.

I do love Dorit’s bathing suit.

The women on these rocking chairs in this backyard with the swing is so southern.

HAHAH Ken sleeping.

Denise has to loosen up.

Holy damn this season looks lit. I’m (vander)PUMPED.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Aw Jackie’s mom looks so cute!!

Omg going out in public with five kids seems like a nightmare.

Wait Jennifer’s husband said she should be the disciplinarian because he brings in the money? That’s messed up. It should all be equal.

Dolores is moving? Awww. Good for her.

I love that Melissa is having this conversation with Joe. He needs to hear it.

Yasss Joe you’re a real man.

This party is gonna be so extra.

I can’t wait for the reunion when Danielle tells Andy why she got a divorce.

Omg Jennifer’s outfit wtffffff.

Omg Jackie looks sooooo good!!

Omg their backyard is wild.

Wait so he does sleep in the pool-house?

Teresa looks hot. As always.

Dolores disagreeing with Teresa about Danielle makes me happy.

Joe is the Melissa of the men’s group.

Danielle always wondering if the girls are talking about her… It shows that she doesn’t care what people are saying as long as they’re still talking about her.

Margaret is not malicious.

I cannot fathom how Teresa doesn’t see the real Danielle.

Omg Joe and Marty are like two females.

That is terrible that Marty is insulting Margaret.


Marty is mean. Mean mean mean.

Ahh it was Margaret how made the push.

Teresa no one told you who to bring around. She’s gonna choose Teresa over all of the other girls????


I’ll be shocked if Melissa stays friends with Danielle.

I hope Jennifer doesn’t come back next season. She’s too much for me.

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