Challenge Chatter 2.13.19

Wow they aren’t messing around with these challenges this season.

Wait Kyle said he’s stronger than Paulie? Idk about that.

Zach calling Jenna cute omg my heart.

I cannot stand Josh and I will never stop saying that.

Zach is so hot.

Wait people say hunter is a beast at challenges? Hmmm

Damn Theo really proved himself good for him.

Josh and Amanda as the third team? Wtf.

Amanda is dumb for saving Ashley and Hunter.

Ahh it’s crazy that the whole house gets to see who is nominated.

Leroy is right – someone has to go against them.

“You are who you hangout with.” Johnny is a philosopher.

Amanda is so mean. So so so so mean.

Hahah CT “let’s not fight.”

Wait wtf why is hunter taking his shirt off? He’s really gonna fight Leroy? Whackkkk.

Omg Hunter what the heck.

So Amanda just said that she has Hunter’s back even though he doesn’t want her support. Is that not being a follower?

This bumble stuff better not be true.

But also the fact that Amanda gets joy out of hurting people is disgusting.

Jenna is insecure because Zach does things to make her insecure.

Nooo don’t break up. I mean I know they’re together in real time.

I’m assuming anyone not in the tribunal could go in.

Omg “killing floor”? That’s a scary name.

Why wouldn’t you send in Hunter, Amanda? He just shut you out.

Proud of Cara for voting on her own and not with Johnny.

Omg Josh went against Amanda!!!!! He just earned a .274782 of a point from me.

Omg is Hunter gonna pick Lee?

Damn he went with Ashley!!!

Come on Chase time to prove yourself.

This is W I L D.

No redemption house!!

Unfortunately, I think Georgia has anything on Ashley.

Omg poor Georgia.

Wes calling Ashley one of the best challengers ever? Idk about that.

Fight Chase fight!

Ew I can’t stand Hunter wow.

Idk who I dislike more, Hunter or Ashley.

Omg Hunter and Georgia just won holy crap.

Wait Hunter and Ashley just embraced each other? That’s actually kind of nice.

Not mad that Ashley is leaving. Wish it was Amanda.

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