Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 2.24.19

Vanderpump Rules

Idk why Kristen is so obsessed with James.

“Kristen did Satan leave your body yet?” HAHA

I wish Lala was drinking 😦

I love that Stassi said that Beau didn’t even have to call.

Omg I have chills right now as Stassi describes her relationship with Beau.

Lisa should let Tom and Tom really have more say. I’d be pissed too if I created a cocktail menu and then my boss brought in a professional “mixologist.”

I have no desire to ride a horse.

This is my favorite Stassi that I’ve ever seen.

I’m crying. CRYYYINNNGGG. I cannot believe Randall talked to Lala’s dad about marrying her before he passed.

Ugh I love this Stassi so much. Beau has really made her the person she’s meant to be.

I don’t blame Sandoval for being upset. He won’t back out.

They are a badass group of girls and I’d love to hangout with them.

I can’t wait to see who James is in five years. I think he’ll be awesome.


I also love Schwartz. Waiting for a solid bromance to form between Beau and Schwartz.

Wait Peter and Kristina? Or no?

Why does Scheana always dress like a trash can? Everyone looks classy and she’s always in a crop top and booty shorts.

I love Kristen’s dress.

Katie’s hair is so long.

I want a hat like Ariana’s. I think I could rock it.

When is Pandora gonna start popping out babies? Her hubby is HOT.


Ugh I’d be pissed at Rand if I was Lala too.

If your partner isn’t allowed to be unloving and harsh while they’re going through it, that makes you a bad partner.

So they broke up?

Except they’re engaged in real life so we know they get back together.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

HAHA Erika’s glam squad beating her to the Bahamas

For real, LVP was the one who really wanted to squash the dog thing

Dorit is actually gorgeous. I just cannot stand her and her fake accent.

They’re getting this dressed up for cocktails!?!

Omg poor Denise!

I wish Kyle was on better terms with Kathy.

I love when LVP wears her hair up.


Dorit tries too hard to stand out when Erika makes it looks so easy.

Why isn’t Camille a real cast member?

Omg that’s so sad about Eloise 😦

Denise is HOT.

They’re all having so much fun – the calm before the storm? There can never be a girls’ trip without a little rain.

Rinna is a savage.

I don’t think a note is cold – I think that’s very, very personal. That’s wild that LVP even brought that up.

Ahh scary Erika (Scarika) is scary.

LVP could’ve brought it up privately.

The other girls sent flowers?????? YET YOU’RE MAD AT A HANDWRITTEN CARD?

I cannot believe Denise did Playboy five months after giving birth.

I am Teddi with her eyelash struggles.

Erika taking a pic of the note. Incredible.

Oh gosh, Rinna do not bring up the dog in the bathroom. I’m scared.

Wait noooo Teddi – why are you bringing it up in front of everyone?

True – if Dorit handled the situation properly then this wouldn’t even be a problem.

No Rinna no.

All of this over a stupid dog!!!

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Omg why is Teresa being so nasy?????

Teresa can’t even form proper sentences 😦

Jackie def should’ve given Jennifer a heads up about the article.

Jennifer’s dress is so extra.

I feel like Chanel is the tackiest brand.


Ahh if you aren’t wearing your wedding ring… that makes me suspicious. “Joe never wore his either” probs because he’s a cheater!!

No Teresa wtf. Don’t do this.

I can’t stand the whole “we’ve been friends for 20 years” thing. Friendship isn’t based on time.

Ew Teresa you’re so negative what the hell.

I love Joe Gorga.

Control and respect are two different things. Jennifer shouldn’t have to ask her husband to reschedule two surgeries to spend time with her. He shouldn’t have scheduled the surgeries in the first place…

GET OVER IT TERESA. Jackie apologized.

I think Melissa gives way more effort that Teresa.

I don’t miss Joe. He was always a scumbag to me.

I miss Teresa’s dark hair.

I think they’ll get divorced.

Obviously she wouldn’t go to Italy.

Hopefully they bring out Danielle in part 3 so she can tell everyone about her divorce.


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