Challenge Chatter 3.6.19

I didn’t chat last week because I was so tired. But I cannot believe CT went home. I really thought the new team was going to be Mattie and CT.

I don’t mind Kyle though.

Oh no, Turbo is sad!!! I’m sad that he is sad.

Nany has the best hair.

Hunter wtf.

Dee is a beast.

Ninja Natalie is also a beast.

The worst part is that they’re tied together.


I knew I wouldn’t like Bear. But Da’Vonne… geeeeez.

Bear quit?!?!!? Wtf.

Holy damn. This is crazy.

I will cry if one of these tire towers falls.

Aw Nany and Turbo did so great!

Ew Bear.

Ew Josh.


Wait, Bear… they’re not bums if they keep beating you.

Weren’t Cara and Zach friends at one point?

Bear is so disgusting.

Also should Nany have stuck up for Zach while Cara was bashing him? I think so…

Okay so I def feel bad for Da’Vonne.

I knew Zach had always had Cara’s back. But also he shouldn’t be being so mean.

So Kyle mini man bun has got to go.

Wtf Bear.

I’m confused why Gus and Jenna were voted in.

Sometimes Cara can be so annoying.

Omg poor Da’Vonne.

Ninja… whatcha gonna do.

Omgggggggggggg noooooooooooo why Zach and Zahida. You have no reason, Natalie.

Pick Josh and Amanda.

Please pick Josh and Amanda.



Is this to show loyalty to Bananas?

I mean there’s no way Zahida beats Dee.

Hmm, def not a strength challenge so it’s anyone’s game actually.

Damn Teej is having a lot of fun with these light switches.

“Disre-damn-spectful” – Da’Vonne HAHHAHAHA

Omg the guys are legit tied.

Damnnnnn no way. Wes and Dee win.


I’m sad Zach is leaving.

Weren’t Jenna and Cara friends/allies at one point?

Aw Zahida talking to Zach about how much she appreciates him. So cute.

Wes is the MOST dangerous person to hold the relic actually, Ashley.

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