Challenge Chatter 3.13.19

I cannot believe we’ve lost so many vets so far.

Wait Bear wants Georgia AND Nany?! HAHA.

Bear is too hotheaded for me.

I feel bad for Lee.

Omg who tf comes up with these challenges.

Damn Ninja.. disappointing.

Amanda is an awful competitor.

Damn Ashley is literally crawling over the tires.

Theo got eight damn.

Hell yes Kyle.

Wes is such a good competitor.

Josh sucks.

I hate that Paulie is good. He is such a tool.

Kyle and Mattie!! Yaaaas. I like Mattie.

Kyle’s hairrrrrrrrrrrr I can’t.

Obviously Georgia isn’t going to vote in Bear.

Josh obviously they put you up!! You got ZERO tires.

Da’Vonne’s outfits kill me.

Ew Nany and Hunter????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Hunter is gross.

I think Kam is allowed to do whatever she wants. I mean that does suck for Lee but he had his chances. If they’re not meant to be, they’re not meant to be.

I think Paulie and Kyle have fun fighting.

Hopefully Bear and Da’Vonne lose. Please go home.

I have no clue who they’re gonna pick. Probably Lee and Shaleen.

Lee better pull this out.

This is Shaleen’s chance to prove herself.

Go Lee go!

Omg it’s down to the girls.

This is crazy.

Shaleen wtf.

Ugh this sucks.

Bear deserves nothing.

Aw Lee – that was some god advice to Bear.

And another vet bites the bust………

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