Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 3.10.19

Vanderpump Rules

Sandoval is sooo extra.

$15,000 budget for a bike and side car?

Ariana is usually right. Not gonna lie. Cool that she’s still supportive.

Brittany isn’t swollen at all!

Wtf James doesn’t even need Sur or Tom Tom. This club is wild.

Ew nope cats are not for me.

Flashback to blonde Katie.

Kristen is getting old. She’s like 35.

I feel like in a parallel universe, Kristen and Jax end up together.

Man the men really messed up inviting James.

I love Stassi and Schwartz’s friendship.

I just love Schwartz.

Why does Katie keep making all of these faces while Scheana is talking? Rude.

Poor Scheana is trying so hard.

I don’t think it’s that big of a deal that James was invited.

Where’s Lala?

Ariana is right – Sandoval shouldn’t have to be the one to uninvite James.

Katie isn’t innocent.

I think Katie has such a hot body.

How did Katie get so drunk wasn’t she working?

Aw this convo between Tom and Tom.

Ugh I wanna go to Tom Tom so badly.

On my LA restaurant list: Tom Tom, Sur, and Nobu.

I feel kinda bad for James. KINDA.

Omg no James. Don’t say that about someone’s wife!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I wonder if my parents were this sad when I left for college.

I wonder if we’ll get to the see the wedding.

Dorit and PK are so extra.

Rude that LVP wouldn’t wish PK a happy birthday.

I love that Erika and Teddi are becoming BFFs.

Erika’s house is just too much for me.

I’m over this dog thing. First pantygate, now doggate.

I really want to believe Teddi but I’m nervous for these printed texts to surface.

Okay so Blizzard(?) admitted to putting words in LVP’s mouth?


That dorm is huge! And she has a bathroom.

I freakin love Rinna.

I also freakin love Kyle.

I like when Teddi’s hair is short.

Omg Tom is 79. Geeeeeeeeeeez.

10 days after his divorce, he wants to get married?

You know Kyle plans on crying a lot when she doesn’t have makeup on.

Aw Sophia is already crying.

Aw Portia!!!!!

Ugh I love this family.

Ew I can’t stand the look that LVP gives everyone. She stares at them smiling for just a bit too long and doesn’t say anything. Pure judgment.

Wait so Kyle already saw these messages? Interesting.

So Teddi does take some ownership.

Kyle is right. LVP admitted in a previous episode that she told Dorit that Teddi knows.

It’s all calculated.

It is all disgusting.

Okay so Teddi def should’ve told Dorit that she played a part in it. Especially if she told Kyle.

Real Housewives of New York City

The mermaid thing is fun.

So really no one is drinking! Sonja, Dorinda, Lu…

Ramona is such a little hoe.

It is sad that Tinsley is going to be in her forties by the time she has a kid.

Intervening friends are the best friends.

Bethenny looks hot.

It’s crazy to see Tinsley athletic.

Hahah it’s probably making Ramona so mad that she’s bad.

Tennis seems fun.

Ew Ramona no one cares about your workout. You’re bad at tennis. Don’t make excuses.

This house is beautiful.

I think Dorinda and Lu need to be big girls and just see each other at the clam bake. Don’t want to talk? That’s fine. Be cordial.

I mean I don’t love Lu. I also don’t really remember why they’re fighting. But the Jovani thing was obnoxious.

Yes Tinsley – they don’t even have to talk at the clam bake.

Dorinda is definitely stubborn.

Omg this conversation is ridiculous.

Dorinda doesn’t have to talk to Lu but also Dorinda’s excuses are lame.

Just because Lu went to rehab doesn’t mean she should be pointing fingers at who else needs to go to rehab.

Wtf Dorinda why would you even say anything?!

Wait I’m pretty sure Ramona and Dorinda are both going.

Design is not really Barbara’s thing.

It’s crazy how often Ramona invites herself places.

Ramona is asking people to set timers??? Set your own timers.

Ha Sonja’s hair is ridiculous.

Tinsley has totally toned it down and I love it. She’s actually dressed for a clam bake.


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