Real Housewives Recap Week of 4.19.20

Vanderpump Rules | S8 E16

Okay first of all – Scheana. Let me just start by saying she’s the worst cast member ever. EVER. I have always wished her off my screen. And after this episode, I have never wanted anything more. BRINGING A MEDIUM TO DAYNA’S APARTMENT? ARE YOU JOKING? First of all, she hated her three episodes ago. Second of all, NO. Scheana is constantly buying her friends and trying way too hard to be accepted. This is a case of both of those awful qualities of hers. What in the world was she thinking when she just assumed that would be a good birthday gift without ever talking to Dayna about it? They’re not even friends like that – they’re barely friends at all. And then for her to lie about the psychic not being there when she obviously was there and was told a time and address… holy insensitive. I just can’t. She is just a hot mess and needs to stop trying so hard.

I absolutely understand why Stassi and Katie don’t want to be a part of the wine anymore. Kristen is toxic and has been forever and Stassi and Katie have grown up and grown out of that friendship And I do not think Beau owes anything to Kristen for setting them up however, I do not think it’s fair for Stassi to forbid Beau from associating with Kristen. She 100% overreacted at the wine party and I feel so badly for Beau especially because of his upcoming proposal. I think Stassi is just all in her head and for some reason doesn’t think she deserves to be happy and she is somewhat self-sabotaging. Thankfully, Beau is the freakin best at dealing with her and her antics.

I love that Stassi isn’t on birth control. I think she will have a baby before Katie and Schwartz. However, I fully expect Brittany to be the first one pregnant. The thought of Jax being a dad is a little scary but he’s in his 40s so it’s about damn time he grows up.

Disliking Max, Charli, and Danica more and more. I could care less about Brett. Dayna is freaking awesome. Dayna should be Scheana’s permanent replacement. Dayna is real and authentic. Scheana is completely clueless about who she is and what she wants. She doesn’t know the first thing about being real, loyal, or genuine.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | S10 E2

This episode lacked Kyle and I’m not happy about it.

Dorit and PK absolutely seem shady to me and they always have. It’s like she’s always wanted to appear richer than she actually is. She’s always had this facade on; which makes sense if they have major financial issues and are accused of being con artists- maybe they are.

I actually don’t really like Denise or her storyline. I think it’s weird that her husband is a serial celebrity dater/husband. It’s weird that they lease/rent their homes and don’t buy anything. It’s really nice that he took care of her post-surgery but he definitely seems a little odd.

Teddi really messed up by sending that text. It wasn’t the invite itself, it was the delivery. Rinna was right when she said she should have said exactly what she wanted and shouldn’t have made it so open-ended, especially because of how easily offended Teddi is. I just don’t think she should have invited the girls at all. No one actually wants to go and Teddi doesn’t want them to go just to “support” her.

After this episode, I’m enjoying Marcelle more than I’m enjoying Sutton. Sutton just seems like she needs to be the center of attention her accent is just annoying. Not at all a fan of hers but I think Marcelle might be someone I can get used to.

I actually don’t miss LVP at all. I always preferred Vanderpump Rules LVP to RHOB LVP. She is more of a fairy godmother in Pump Rules while in RHOB she was always the evil queen. I think she couldn’t handle that Kyle was becoming more “popular” than her on the show. However, I would take LVP back any day if it meant getting rid of Dorit.

Real Housewives of New York City | S12 E4

I totally agree that Sonja and Tinsley need to move on from their former name. They should drop “Morgan” and “Mortimer.” Especially Tinsley considering they didn’t have any kids. The women are strong enough on their own. Sonja’s obsession with her “roots” and her “family name” is weird. They aren’t her roots… she was not born a Morgan. She was a Morgan for a hot second and probably was a trophy wife. It’s odd that she uses the Morgan crest on her clothing line!! Tinsley is now engaged to Scott so hopefully she takes his name and completely drops Mortimer.

Well now we know why Leah doesn’t drink. She is a W I L D one! I think she’s awesome but the way she treated Ramona’s home was definitely disrespectful. Was it rude for Ramona to leave her own home for a better party? Yes. Maybe the house wouldn’t have been such a disaster if she stayed. Dorinda was right when she said that Ramona can’t expect her guests to clean up. They’re the guests. Would it have been polite? Absolutely. But that wasn’t the case here. Now Ramona knows exactly how Dorinda felt when Ramona destroyed her home in the Berkshires.

I have always thought that Dorinda and John were an odd couple. She is so bubbly and social and he’s just creepy and rude. Creepy is the perfect word for him. He has a weird stare and is definitely a serial flirter and I just think Dorinda deserves better. She’s so posh and put together and he just seems like he should be a forever bachelor. I get that she likes keeping him at a distance because she’s so independent and likes her space but I think she can find someone better who will still respect her space.

P.S. I really miss Bethenny.

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