Real Housewives Recap Week of 4.26.20

Vanderpump Rules | S8 E17

BEAU AND STASSI ARE SO FREAKING CUTE. I love Beau for Stassi. There is no one more perfect to balance her. I love that he proposed in a cemetery. I love genuine her happiness was right after. I love that LVP hosted them in her home after and surprised Stassi with her family. The whole thing just made me so happy.

It’s definitely a little sad that Kristen was left out. Carter’s text? Super inappropriate and for Kristen to not have a problem with the text is the exact reason people don’t want to be around them. The toxicity is overwhelming and exhausting.

Kristen is the type of person to wear Good Vibes shirts and have a doormat that says Have a Great Day but is high-key the most negative person ever. She never produces good vibes.

The softball game was such a good idea! I love that Sur won because Sandoval is just the worst. I don’t know how Ariana deals with him being so controlling and so extra and just so ehhhh. He just loves being the center of attention and it’s gross. He constantly wants to be the person with the best gift or the best outfit or the best cocktail. But he never knows how to be the best friend. He always gets in his own way of being a decent person.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | S10 E3

Sutton is SUTTON ELSE. Wow. No. Not into her. Don’t like her. Don’t wanna like her. For being so into fashion, I don’t understand the way she dresses. I wouldn’t call it fashion. She was pissed that there weren’t any placecards? Is she for real? Oh poor Sutton couldn’t find a place to sit. That’s because no one wanted to sit next to her. So every time she is at a table with placecards, the people next to her are probably pissed because they got stuck with her.

Yes Teddi messed up with the whole invite to her retreat thing. But Sutton is just… no. So uncool for her to bring up being pregnant. Teddi honestly should just not have invited any of her friends. She should keep her business separate from her friendships. It’s not like a store opening or a fashion show. It’s a retreat for accountability.

Aaron… I knew he was weird. I said last week that he’s weird. This episode just really proved my point. They have people following them? Seriously? What a load of bullshit. I think they’re a scam. Him and Denise both. They’re something so fake and suspicious about them.

I think it was weird that everyone was like “Stop guys she’s about to cry” about Teddi. I would not want my friends to call me out like that especially if I’m legit trying to hold back tears. Kyle or Erika should have suggested a walk or something. Sutton was just too much. She’s not nice. She’s not interesting. She’s not a housewife. She just thinks her shit doesn’t stink.

Real Housewives of New York City | S12 E5

Ramona is just not a nice person. She made fun of Tinsley going too quickly down the runway. She was so rude when she was taking pictures with the fashion designer. I would never talk to someone like that. She told Sonja there must be something wrong with her business if she is unable to multitask. She made a big deal of the small spaghetti stain on the comfortable even though she DESTROYED Dorinda’s house. She only ordered food for herself when the waiter came around instead of getting everyone’s attention. SHE IS JUST AWFUL. I don’t know why any of the girls choose to be around her.

Luann getting her hair done at the fashion show?! Who does that?! Like honestly who does she think she is.

How hilarious that Tinsley considers it a mother-daughter issue that her mom wanted her to have straight up instead of curly hair… When Leah is actually having REAL issues with her mom. Dale is just way too much for me. Her and Tinsley both. Also she’s wrong. Tinsley looks way better with curled hair. However, I must admit I am enjoying Tinsley more this season than I ever have before.

Side note: I keep reading that people think that Beverly Hills has gotten boring and Sutton is there to spice things up. I don’t agree at all. If anything, NYC has gotten stale and boring.

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