Real Housewives Recap Week of 5.10.20

Vanderpump Rules | S8 E19

Dayna is actually super funny. What wasn’t funny was the conversation after her stand-up. Brett saying he doesn’t have feelings for Dayna? I’m sorry what. I don’t think he understands what it means to have feelings. It didn’t really seem to bother her though. She was more pissed at Max. It’s definitely a sticky situation. Then at the pool party she admitted that 0% of her wants Max. But Brett clearly isn’t for her. So hopefully the right one comes along soon because she’s awesome.

It breaks my heart that Brittany is collateral damage in all of Jax’s shenanigans. Clearly, there is something going on with him. I understand why Brittany was upset because Sandoval and Ariana were being childish by having their own party. However, I can’t really blame them. I can’t stand them but damn if Jax was gonna do me like that, I’d do the same thing. And EVERYONE went to Sandoval’s… P.S. It’s weird they still don’t have furniture.

Carter and Kristen are… dating? So far from shocking.

It pissed me off that Brittany was grilling at her own party. I don’t wanna be like “that’s the man’s job.” But it is! Jax is like 50. He should be doing the grilling. Brittany deserved to relax.

It is super respectful that Stassi stepped up and finally talked to Jax when clearly no one else (but Brittany) was going to do that. Honestly, Lisa should – she always knocks some sense into him. BUT HIM ADMITTING THAT HE MIGHT CHEAT ON BRITTANY BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT HE NORMALLY DOES WHEN HE FEELS LIKE THIS. I’M SORRY WHAT. I’m not that girlfriend who checks her bf’s location or messages or whatever but I actually don’t blame her for doing that. She knows exactly who she married. And I wish she never did.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | S10 E5

It’s interesting how emotional Kyle was at Denise’s dinner party. I didn’t really feel like people were attacking her. However, I do not think it was fair that Rinna sort of attacked Kyle about defending her own blood instead of her. There were several times Kyle did not side with her sister. And if she did, um, DUH.

A different side of Denise was shown at her dinner party. I think everything she said was valid.

I love that Rinna pulled Kyle aside and apologized. How awesome for Rinna’s daughters that they’ve started their own clothing line. I just realized I don’t really need to call her Rinna. I used to call her Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump LVP just to differentiate the Lisas. But LVP is no longer sooo Lisa it is!

I think it’s bullshit that Kyle is trying to pull the “I have a lot going on” card. Everyone has a lot going on. I thought it was strange that even Erika used that excuse at lunch or whatever with Denise. Erika is usually super Switzerland and very reasonable.

It was definitely random that Kyle brought up an overnight to Santa Barbara. She didn’t even apologize to all of the women. No, her “apology” to Denise didn’t count. And Kyle’s “examples” of the women being fake. I mean come on. Denise is not fake because she wears jeans less now and sometimes has glam because she comes from set. Dorit actually had a point in her confessional about how Teddi is SUPER glammed out now compared to her first season and Kyle hasn’t said shit about that.

Sutton……….. I mean come on. What the hell was that about. If she was actually worried about something, she should have brought it up with Lisa. Not Dorit. It absolutely sounded like she was going to cause a scene and do something to mess up the Hamlin girls’ event.

There is for sure something up with Kyle. I don’t want to believe there is any truth behind Denise saying that Kyle can’t handle when she’s not the center of attention.

Real Housewives of New York City | S12 E7 

I think Leah’s apartment is super cute. Way more my style than any of the other women’s homes. I really like her outlook on drinking. She is control. Not the drink.

Dorinda absolutely positively bullied Tinsley at the orchard. It was so out of line and rude. Tinsley is right when she calls her judgmental. She is. She’s a hypocrite about not wanting to open up but calling Tinsley out for being closed off. It’s clear that Dorinda is going through something but that doesn’t make it okay to attack Tinsley. However, I’m glad she broke up with John.

Elyse. Nope. Boring. Her hair is awful. Her Chanel sunglasses are very 2002.

Change is good. John was in Dorinda’s life for a reason. He served his purpose. Now it’s time for a new chapter.


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