Bach Chats 1/15/18

This group date is so weird.

Ew why is this wrestler so mean? That is so rude.

I would’ve bailed too if I was Tia. They signed up to “fall in love” with Arie not to be degraded by old ass wrestlers. Hell no would I let someone, let alone a stranger, talk to me like that.


Watching Arie “wrestle” is actually so awkward and uncomfortable.

I cannot handle how weird this group date is.

Poor Jacqueline is being murdered by Krystal.

Typical Krystal pulling Arie away first. Krystal is the new Chelsea.

I really like Bibiana but I just don’t think she is meant to be on this show.

I cannot stand when someone wastes their one-on-one time talking about another person and complaining about them.

I don’t even know who Lauren S. is but I’m excited for their group date.

Ugh imagine being as pretty as Bekah and being able to have hair that short but still look so hot.

I love that Bekah got the rose over Krystal.

“Girls are really insecure about me” WHO SAYS THAT. Krystal get over yourself.

I want to go to Napa! Parent Trap vibes.

Lauren S. is beautiful.

Omg this poor girl is rambling holy moley.

Annaliese cmon on girl. Your whole childhood must have been traumatic. First you’re afraid of bumper cars and now dogs, too? Geeeeeeez.

Ah Lauren S. getting shut down right now. Ouch.

STOP KRYSTAL. Why tf are you talking about Lauren right now? You know you’re secretly happy that she went home.

Why are girls so obsessed with dogs?

Another weird group date…

Lame that he pulled Chelsea away first. At this point though, I like Chelsea more than I like Krystal.

I really like Caroline and I hope she gets the group date rose.

Poor Annaliese is digging her own grave right now.

I just really wish I thought Arie was hot.

Crapppppppppp Chelsea got the rose.

HAHA awkward when Bibiana sets up an entire date and Arie brings another girl to it.

Bekah M. is awesome. Love the honesty, girlfriend.

I really like Tia.

I don’t love Marikh.

Annaliese is making this so awkward.


She’s definitely going home.

I hope Kendall goes home too.

Aw that was actually so cute for Chelsea to check in on Annaliese.

RIP Annaliese. Rejection is so sad.

I don’t love Maquel either.

Rose ceremony reactions:

Caroline – YAAAAS

Kendall – Noooo

Ashley – surprised

Brittany – don’t really care

Becca K – yay!

Seinne – yay!

Krystal – Noooo


Maquel – surprised

Jenna – surprised

Jacqueline – very surprised. I don’t think I like her

Marikh – very surprised

I am semi-shocked Bibiana didn’t get a rose. I love her but I don’t think she is the one for Arie so I’m glad she is going home. I hope she befriends Alexis Waters. I have a feeling this isn’t the last we will see of my girl, Bib.


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